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TFT Talks To Athers, Beefy, Nasser, and Bumble

I enjoy a good chinwag. I enjoy it even more when it’s with four guys I idolised as a kid. It has always been an ambition of mine to chew the cricketing fat with Athers and Co – perhaps over a couple of beers in the pub – so when…

Talking Points
A Knockout Idea

What are cricket blogs for other than to relay drunken conversations you’ve had in the pub? That’s the joy of editing your own site. You can take a half serious conversation (which originally stemmed from a discussion of the Joshua versus Klitschko fight), turn it into a proposition, and then…

Champions Trophy 2017
Jonny Proves A Point

“Thanks for coming Jonny. Maybe we’ll give you a ring if we’re one short next month”. You’ve got to feel sorry for Jonny Bairstow. He’s the third best batsman in the country (after Root and Cook), he had a record breaking 2016 as England’s test batsman-keeper, he averages a healthy…

Eng v Ireland 2017
Irish Squib

What a pity. After all the hype surrounding Ireland’s ‘historic’ first ODI in England, the match was a huge let down. Ireland were simply overwhelmed by leg spin – something they’ve struggled with in the Intercontinental Cup too – and the match was over before the first pint of Guinness had settled.…

Champions Trophy 2017
BCCI Should Grow Up

I have a baby daughter who’s one and a half years old. We love her dearly but she’s a right pain in the bum when she doesn’t get her way. She screams, shouts, pouts like Posh Spice, and occasionally spits her dummy out and throws it across the room. It’s not…

Player Spotlight
The Ben Stokes Supremacy

He might not have the martial arts skills of Jason Bourne – not to my knowledge anyway – but England’s premier all rounder is certainly a wanted man right now. He’s dangerous. He’s gifted. He’s angry. And nothing can stand in his way … except for locker doors of course.…

Let’s Talk Turkey

So what’s been in the news over the last couple of days? Although there hasn’t been too much on-field action to discuss, there have been two huge off-field developments – one very good news and the second, well, let’s just say it’s good news if you’re a huge admirer of Tom Harrison and…

Champions Trophy 2017
As You Were – England’s Champions Trophy Squad

Continuity is nice. It’s like a reassuring hug. It might be boring – and it gives the blogosphere sod all to talk about – but it shows that most things in the garden are rosy and optimism is starting to bloom. England’s champions trophy squad is one such example. The selectors…

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Looking Ahead: England’s Team For The 1st Test

With the championship well and truly underway, several players will be pushing for England selection against South Africa at Lord’s in July. It might seem a long way away – especially as we’ve got the Champions Trophy before then – but it’s funny how time creeps by. Ten weeks will disappear faster…

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Just The Start? Essex Reject ECB’s Flawed City T20 Plan

It takes guts to look a seven figure sum in the face and resist temptation, but that’s exactly what Essex have done today by rejecting the ECB’s plan to introduce a city T20 competition. Make no mistake about it. Essex’s stance, which comes hot on the heels of Middlesex’s plan to…

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