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Looking Ahead: England’s Team For The 1st Test

With the championship well and truly underway, several players will be pushing for England selection against South Africa at Lord’s in July. It might seem a long way away – especially as we’ve got the Champions Trophy before then – but it’s funny how time creeps by. Ten weeks will disappear faster…

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Just The Start? Essex Reject ECB’s Flawed City T20 Plan

It takes guts to look a seven figure sum in the face and resist temptation, but that’s exactly what Essex have done today by rejecting the ECB’s plan to introduce a city T20 competition. Make no mistake about it. Essex’s stance, which comes hot on the heels of Middlesex’s plan to…

County cricket
Love the County Championship? Then You’re One in a Million

If the ECB thinks the county championship is just for obsessives, nerds, and cricket tragics, then the UK seems to be full of these anorak-wearing weirdos. A few days ago, TMS announcer Adam Mountford proudly announced that over one million people (and that’s unique visitors) followed their coverage of the championship…

The Monday Masala

Afternoon all. I trust you had a pleasant weekend. Mine was spent cutting the lawn and making several trips to the tip. So yeah, not the best couple of days but at least the sun was shining. Anyway, let’s get down to business. The first item on the agenda is Jimmy Anderson,…

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City-Based T20: A Needless Gamble

You’ve got to hand it to Tom Harrison. He wears a suit really nicely. And he can really talk the talk. He’s got a PhD in business speak and drops marketing buzzwords into TV interviews with consummate ease. Harrison’s no old fart. Will Carling would probably like him. He’s every…

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Why T20 Cricket Just Isn’t Fair

Here’s a quick heads up about an article I’ve just written for Teamer. It’s over on their sports blog right now. The title? ‘Why T20 cricket just isn’t fair’. It’s a somewhat tongue in cheek look at T20 compared with first class cricket, and how traditional batsmen like Alastair Cook…

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Why Tom Harrison Could Learn A Lot From Grand Theft Auto

Yesterday we heard from one of English cricket’s great leaders, the ECB’s chief exec Tom Harrison. He’s very much the board’s youthful moderniser. Or at least that’s what he’s supposed to be. The reality, however, is that his real skill is squeezing money out of broadcasters. He played an important role when test cricket…

The Friday Flapjack

If you like oats, butter, sugar, golden syrup, and lashings of cricket, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time for The Friday Flapjack – a round up of all the latest cricket news. I think you’ll find it a worthy successor to other TFT end-of-the-week summary classics such as The…

Champions Trophy 2017
Candy. Baby.

When England win an ODI by the ridiculously emphatic margin of 186 runs, I guess we should all be happy. Back in the 1980s our batsmen rarely scored 186 across two innings of a test match against the Windies …. well, maybe we weren’t quite that bad, but you get my point.…

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Is Steve Smith A Cheat?

Is Steve Smith, the golden boy of Australian cricket, a cheat? I’m going to stick my neck out and say that he’s not. But then again, I don’t think too many would argue that Smith cheated, or at least tried to cheat, when he looked at the balcony for advice…

Champions Trophy 2017
Calm Heads Avert Setback

Keep cool, man. I quite enjoy watching cricket from the Caribbean. It’s not quite what it used to be, when the stadiums were close to city centres, and Gravy was dancing in the stands, but it still makes a nice change. There are usually quite a few cool cats in the…

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