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The Day I Fell In Love With T20. And What Happened Next.


It’s been a long 48 hours. After Alex Hales, a batsman many wanted to see in England’s test middle-order, effectively retired from red ball cricket on Tuesday, the arguments on social media have been long and intense. Some see Hales as a Judas whereas others seemed to be celebrating the creeping ‘specialisation’ of the game … even though this process might well lead to the death of test cricket...

International T20s And Cricket’s Future


I’d never considered England coach Trevor Bayliss to be a philosophical ally of The Full Toss, but I found myself applauding his comments about T20 internationals this weekend. After England’s elimination from T20 Tri-series at Hamilton, Bayliss suggested that international T20s should be scrapped. Why? Because nobody give two hoots about the result. The games are just colourful TV wallpaper with...

Rashid The Latest To Desert. So What Next?


News broke on Thursday that Adil Rashid has retired from red ball cricket. He has effectively given up his test ambitions by signing a ‘white ball only’ contract at Yorkshire – all a couple of days before his 30th birthday. It’s such a shame. Some people will interpret this as a sign of disillusionment. The argument goes that Rashid was never given a fair crack of the whip...

Guess Who’s Back?


So Ben Stokes is joining up with the England squad after a five month exile. I would say he’s ready to jump into the fray … although mentioning the words ‘fray’, or more specifically ‘affray’, might be a little uncomfortable for some. After all, many will disagree with the ECB’s decision to include a player awaiting trial for such a serious offence...

Hooroo Australia


After nearly four months away from home (that’s a third of a year!) England’s cricketers have finally left Australia. They must’ve been sick of the place by the end. But the ordeal isn’t quite over yet. We’ve still got two or three T20s left to play on the other side of the Tasman Sea before we finally get some respite from David Warner’s grinning mug. The international schedule never ends …...

England Lose Some Cricket Match


When I sat down at my desk this morning, I briefly checked Cricinfo to see if anything interesting had happened in the cricket world. Maybe Giles Clarke had decided to identify as a woman after being deeply moved by yesterdays Suffragette celebrations? What I found was considerably less interesting. England were playing a T20 against Australia. I have to admit that my heart sank. “Oh hell...

Talking Bats With Charlotte Surridge


I’m sure many readers will remember that well known cricketing brand called Stuart Surridge (SS). It was made famous by the likes of Graham Gooch and Sir Clive Rice back in the 80s. In fact, I bet a few of you owned an SS Jumbo or an SS Turbo back in the day. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of cricket bats, especially at the time when Gooch scored his famous 333 at Lord’s...

England’s 4-1 Win Is 2010/11 In Reverse


It’s a nice feeling to beat Australia 4-1 in their own backyard. I remember a time in the 90s when we were well beaten by Australia A so I’ll definitely take this emphatic win. Obviously the depth in Aussie cricket was immense in those dark days – I reckon their A side might beat the current Australian side too – but you can only beat the canary yellow outfit in front of you. England aren’t the...

Tour Officially A Disaster Now


And it was all going so well. Although we lost the warm up to this ODI series, otherwise know as ‘The Ashes’, by four games to nil, the main event was going swimmingly. Our white ball heroes had been in dominant form and looked set to whitewash the beleaguered and hapless Aussies by five games to nil, thus ensuring an emphatic super series win … our first down under since Tom...

Archer Writing His Own Story


Unless you’ve been living under Uluru, you’ll no doubt have noticed Jofra Archer’s eye-catching performances for Hobart in the Big Bash. The Sussex and Horsham all-rounder has been absolutely outstanding and emerged as one of the breakout stars of the tournament. The fans seem to love him even more than Bill Lawry loves Merv Hughes. I love rooting for Archer because his tale is a great underdog...

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