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Guess Who’s Back?


So Ben Stokes is joining up with the England squad after a five month exile. I would say he’s ready to jump into the fray … although mentioning the words ‘fray’, or more specifically ‘affray’, might be a little uncomfortable for some. After all, many will disagree with the ECB’s decision to include a player awaiting trial for such a serious offence...

Pining For Ian Bell


Today we welcome guest contributor Charlie Walker to TFT. He opens up with a nostalgic tribute to The Duke Of Bellington. Thanks Charlie … November 2017 was an anniversary of sorts. It marked two years since Ian Ronald Bell played his last Test match for England. Ashes defeats usually bring with them a sense of nostalgia, a yearning for players of a bygone era. But why is it that I am...

Archer Writing His Own Story


Unless you’ve been living under Uluru, you’ll no doubt have noticed Jofra Archer’s eye-catching performances for Hobart in the Big Bash. The Sussex and Horsham all-rounder has been absolutely outstanding and emerged as one of the breakout stars of the tournament. The fans seem to love him even more than Bill Lawry loves Merv Hughes. I love rooting for Archer because his tale is a great underdog...

Suspended Sentence Most Likely For Stokes?


There has been plenty of chat about the likelihood of Ben Stokes going to prison if he’s found guilty or pleads guilty. But it’s hard for us laymen to know whether a suspended sentence, three years, or something in between is most likely. Thankfully Robert Foster, a freelancer writer with a background in Criminal Justice, is here to explain all. Over to you, Rob … After months...

It’s Time for Cook, Anderson and Broad to Prove It


My thesis today is a simple one. I’m not going to beat around the Australian bush. The time for understatement and pretty language has long since passed. England are losing the Ashes 0-2. The series could be gone within the next three to five days. And a big reason for this is that our big names haven’t come to the party yet. In fact, the only party they’ve been to ended up with drinks being...

Alastair Cook, Your Country Needs You


Occasionally an article lands in my inbox at exactly the right time. And this is one of them. I’ve long thought that Alastair Cook’s form would be absolutely in the Ashes. And I think, in many ways, he needs to have a good series to safeguard his legacy as an ostensibly great batsman.  Cook’s Ashes record really isn’t very good. In fact, if you take out that amazing series...

Three Is Not The Magic Number For Root


Yesterday I heard Kevin Pietersen playing down England’s Ashes chances. He quite rightly pointed out all the holes in our batting line up, which currently resembles something akin to Swiss cheese. Although to be fair to the cheese-makers of Switzerland, their diary products are probably hardier and more resilient. Where I disagree with KP, however, is his assertion that Joe Root should bat 3. Why...

In Keeping With Tradition: A Tribute To Chris Read


There is a scene in an old episode of The Simpsons where Principal Skinner is addressing a new intake of students and Bart scuppers it by unfurling a banner with the message – “Skinner is a wiener”. The Principal of Springfield Elementary looks up forlornly to the heavens and mutters “you’ve lost them Seymour. You’ve lost them”. He knows immediately that regardless of what he does throughout the...

Jos & Jimmy … Are They All That?


It’s time for a BOGOF on TFT. Today we have two articles in one. The first, by Media Penguin, considers a fan favourite with limited red ball experience. The second, by Jack Mendel, considers a player with more red ball experience than than the whole England T20 team put together. Over to you fellas … Jos Buttler T20 artiste Jos Butter has pencilled in a £200,000 engagement in...

Just Your Average Joe?


There’s nothing average about averaging over 50 in test cricket. But does Joe Root’s average tell the whole story? Could the skipper be doing more to help his team? New guest writer Adam Kiddie investigates … Long before Joe Root was named England captain earlier this year, discussion around his “conversion rate” was rife amongst commentators. The Yorkshireman, too, was acutely...

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