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Rashid The Latest To Desert. So What Next?


News broke on Thursday that Adil Rashid has retired from red ball cricket. He has effectively given up his test ambitions by signing a ‘white ball only’ contract at Yorkshire – all a couple of days before his 30th birthday. It’s such a shame. Some people will interpret this as a sign of disillusionment. The argument goes that Rashid was never given a fair crack of the whip...

Grounds For Complaint?


Yesterday the ECB announced which venues would host Ashes tests in 2023. They also announced which grounds would stage games in the dreaded City T20 competition. It surprised absolutely nobody that the traditional big venues (plus Cardiff) monopolised the biggest fixtures. Sigh. However, the decision not to award the Ageas Bowl an Ashes test did raise some eyebrows. Was this the right call...

Guess Who’s Back?


So Ben Stokes is joining up with the England squad after a five month exile. I would say he’s ready to jump into the fray … although mentioning the words ‘fray’, or more specifically ‘affray’, might be a little uncomfortable for some. After all, many will disagree with the ECB’s decision to include a player awaiting trial for such a serious offence...

Red Rose Rebellion


It seems that emotions are running high at Old Trafford. And it’s got nothing to do with Jos Buttler’s prediction that test cricket could be extinct (with T20 becoming the only form of the game) in twenty years’ time. Here’s Barry Turner, a Lancs fan through and through, with the latest developments. The members are certainly restless … Angry fans at Lancashire have...

Hooroo Australia


After nearly four months away from home (that’s a third of a year!) England’s cricketers have finally left Australia. They must’ve been sick of the place by the end. But the ordeal isn’t quite over yet. We’ve still got two or three T20s left to play on the other side of the Tasman Sea before we finally get some respite from David Warner’s grinning mug. The international schedule never ends …...

England Lose Some Cricket Match


When I sat down at my desk this morning, I briefly checked Cricinfo to see if anything interesting had happened in the cricket world. Maybe Giles Clarke had decided to identify as a woman after being deeply moved by yesterdays Suffragette celebrations? What I found was considerably less interesting. England were playing a T20 against Australia. I have to admit that my heart sank. “Oh hell...

Talking Bats With Charlotte Surridge


I’m sure many readers will remember that well known cricketing brand called Stuart Surridge (SS). It was made famous by the likes of Graham Gooch and Sir Clive Rice back in the 80s. In fact, I bet a few of you owned an SS Jumbo or an SS Turbo back in the day. Sometimes referred to as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of cricket bats, especially at the time when Gooch scored his famous 333 at Lord’s...

The Vanishing Sport


I took my kid to winter nets last weekend. He has turned ten now, and this marks his first exposure to a hard ball. To ease them in gently the coaches intersperse the hand-smacking cherry with a tennis ball and one of those “Incrediball” things. They swing so much that even I can project one with the “Sultan of Swing” menace of a slightly older Jimmy Anderson. Give it a go. You won’t be...

Ireland, Out Of The Ashes


Today we welcome Irish writer Kevin Galvin back to TFT. Here are his latest thoughts on cricket in the Emerald Isle.  The enthralling third test between India and South Africa, which was a fascinating battle amongst the gratuitious run-scoring of limited overs cricket, exhibited why many people are of the credence that the long-form needs to be protected. But while in both England and Australia...

Pining For Ian Bell


Today we welcome guest contributor Charlie Walker to TFT. He opens up with a nostalgic tribute to The Duke Of Bellington. Thanks Charlie … November 2017 was an anniversary of sorts. It marked two years since Ian Ronald Bell played his last Test match for England. Ashes defeats usually bring with them a sense of nostalgia, a yearning for players of a bygone era. But why is it that I am...

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