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Ticket Exchange Sites Are Damaging Cricket

Today we have a guest article by Shizah Ahmed, who has a bone to pick with ticket exchange sites. I’m sure we’ve all come across these sites before. You want to go to the game, but have to pay double or sometimes triple the face value to secure your seat.…

ODIs & T20
Bairstow Makes His Case, Again

Shall we talk briefly about yesterday’s T20? Go on then. We absolutely smashed South Africa at the Rose Bowl on a sweltering evening. It was about as one-sided as T20’s come. The Cricket Boks stuttered to 142-3, with AB de Villiers and Behardien “hitting” pedestrian half-centuries that cost their side…

Cricket’s Five Fancy Dress Favourites

The Queen (with Beefeaters) Queenie will start off her day in dignified enough fashion – rising to her feet as the players run out to Jerusalem and accepting the cheers of her subjects as the crowd sings her anthem. Don’t be fooled though. This is only ever going to go…

Flashback: The 2004 U19 World Cup

Here’s a trip down memory lane from new guest writer Lee Payne. This submission got my attention because I remember U19 World Cups fondly. Enjoy! Remember when you were young? Remember when it was so easy to get obsessed with something? Sport wasn’t something I enjoyed until I was about…

Champions Trophy 2017
Pakistan. Wow.

The world as we know it has been turned upside down. First there was Brexit. Then Trump. Then Corbyn (well, kind of). But now the biggest shock of them all: Pakistan winning the Champions Trophy. Ok, perhaps it’s wrong to suggest that a cricket tournament is anywhere near as important…

County cricket

Outground cricket. Bloomin Marvellous.

As we lick our wounds after the CT semi final, here’s Media Penguin to cheer us up. There ain’t nowt like watching county championship at traditional outgrounds … Lancashire v Middlesex Trafalgar Road, Southport. Lancs won by 8 wickets It had it all – a sun blazing on my baldy…

Talking Points

A Knockout Idea

What are cricket blogs for other than to relay drunken conversations you’ve had in the pub? That’s the joy of editing your own site. You can take a half serious conversation (which originally stemmed from a discussion of the Joshua versus Klitschko fight), turn it into a proposition, and then…


TFT Talks To Athers, Beefy, Nasser, and Bumble

I enjoy a good chinwag. I enjoy it even more when it’s with four guys I idolised as a kid. It has always been an ambition of mine to chew the cricketing fat with Athers and Co – perhaps over a couple of beers in the pub – so when…

Player Spotlight

The Ben Stokes Supremacy

He might not have the martial arts skills of Jason Bourne – not to my knowledge anyway – but England’s premier all rounder is certainly a wanted man right now. He’s dangerous. He’s gifted. He’s angry. And nothing can stand in his way … except for locker doors of course.…

Best Of TFT

Glorious summer

Some things can not be overhyped. A few events live up to every word of hyperbole. And occasionally our memories do not deceive us – the reality was every bit as good as our recollection. The 2005 Ashes, which began ten years ago this month, were one such passage of time.…


Ireland: Testing The Waters

Today we have a guest article by Kevin Galvin, an Irish writer with the Evening Echo and Irish Examiner. He talks about Ireland’s development as a team and their pursuit of test status. It must be incredibly frustrating to be an Ireland supporter right now. Had India got behind the idea…


Captain’s Log: Durham 1999 Part 2

Welcome back! The very fact that a part 2 was commissioned means that part 1 was a success in my eyes. If you remember, we we’re back in 1999, trying to make Durham a force on International Cricket Captain 2. When I left you we’d just finished Day two, and we…