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A Guide For Disabled Cricketers


I quickly wanted to give people with disabilities a heads up about Darren Douglas’s new Disability Cricket Guide. It’s a pretty comprehensive article that explains how you can get involved in the sport at amateur level. I have to admit that, like many, I was in the dark somewhat when it comes to this subject. However, after discussing things with Darren it seems there are great...



Eleven positions make up the standard cricket team. Each possesses its own unique aspects, be they geographical, technical or skill related. Each possesses certain nuances which the incumbent must be cognisant of in order to perform proficiently. Each will require a modicum of adaptability and metamorphosis, changing roles depending on the ebb and flow of a match. Nevertheless, the average...

Joy! World Test Championship Approved


Word has just reached us that hell has indeed frozen over. The ICC has reached an agreement to introduce a world test championship and ODI league from 2019. These competitions will start after the World Cup. The test championship will run over a two year period. Each team will play six series (three home and three away) lasting at least two tests. The structure will be flexible to allow longer...

Would The Big Bash Work In England? A View From Down Under


Last week I received an email from Simon Cousins, an Australian Kent fan living in Sydney. We got chatting about the Big Bash and whether Harrison’s Harebrained Have A Hit would be a success. Simon’s responses were so detailed and enlightening that I felt compelled to share them. He makes some very good points. Here’s what he had to say … Much is made by supporters of the...

Four Day Test Cricket. What For?


Hello. And welcome to a new look TFT. I hope you like it. I’ve still got some playing around to do but the basics are all in place. Why the change? It’s because I wanted a site that’s (a) simpler and easier to read (b) prioritises written content above everything else, and (c) uploads faster. Plus, if I’m being honest, finding suitable images to use was proving increasingly hard and time...

The Top 10 Cricketers On Planet Earth


I was reading an old footie magazine the other day (please forgive my sins). There was a feature discussing the ten best players in the world. It included the likes of Roberto Baggio and Paulo Maldini, the glamour boys of world soccer in the early 90s. They had the (naff) hair, the looks … you know, all the stuff that girls love that winds up us ordinary blokes. Being a cricket nut, I immediately...

Is There A Place For Artificial Wickets In Professional Cricket?


Cricket has changed so much over the years. Bats are different, white balls are prevalent, outfields are smaller, and then there’s the coloured clothing – some of which is so garish it hurts. England even win now and again these days – something that never used to happen when I was knee-high to a James Taylor. One thing that hasn’t changed significantly, however, is the pitches. They might have...

It’s About Time


The trust and persistence placed in Moeen Ali is how England should approach their top-order conundrum. After a decade of success, the demand for instantaneous results has cut off England’s nose to spite their face. Selection policy has become impatient and short sighted. Alastair Cook has gone through 11 opening partners since the retirement of Andrew Strauss in 2012. And England have tried...

In the Pink? Edgbaston Preview


Pink balls. Floodlights. Wickets dropping like flies at twilight. It’s time for the traditionalists to spit out their Earl Grey tea and mutter obscenities under their breath. Day-night test cricket has arrived in England. But at least it’s not all bad news for the fuddy-duddies. Thankfully the players won’t be wearing pyjamas. Only the kids too young to stay up and watch will be...

What Gives A Bat Its Oomph?


I’m currently sitting in my lounge (I have the afternoon off) watching the test match. But that’s not all I’m doing. As I’m watching England accumulate runs I’m also engaged in the crucial activity of knocking in my new bat. I have a game tomorrow and I’m convinced that my new blade will instantly transform me into the new Ben Stokes. It’s a tall order as I’m currently more like Chris...

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