4 11, 2019

The Monday Mutton

2019-11-04T12:34:09+00:00November 4th, 2019|Talking Points|10 Comments

I was at Wembley yesterday watching two teams in body armour beat the living crap out of each other; therefore I didn't have a chance to write about England's T20 defeat. It seems a bit late to write exclusively about a short-form bash that concluded 36 hours ago so today's post will [...]

1 11, 2019

Another Win For England’s T20 Team. Another Defeat For The Test Side.

2019-11-01T16:00:21+00:00November 1st, 2019|County Cricket, Talking Points, The Hundred|8 Comments

I was hoping to bring you more good news today. England's T20 cricketers started their series against New Zealand with a win. However, then I read some off-field news that rather knocked the stuffing out of me. Yes it's another blow to first class cricket in our country. Let's deal with the [...]

29 10, 2019

Shakib Al Hasan. FFS.

2019-10-29T16:27:57+00:00October 29th, 2019|Talking Points|12 Comments

Oh Shakib. What have you done? Or rather what haven't you done? I never thought a player as respected as Shakib Al Hasan, a player who's one of my personal favourites, would breach the ICC's anti-corruption code. It's a really sad day. And it brings back all those concerns about unscrupulous and [...]

28 10, 2019

Who Picks The Side?

2019-10-29T09:53:00+00:00October 28th, 2019|Talking Points|6 Comments

There was an interesting interview with national selector Ed Smith in The Times over the weekend. I didn't read it all because the article was doing an impression of live cricket in England i.e. it was hidden behind a paywall. However, a few tidbits from that interview have emerged on free-to-air media [...]

11 10, 2019

Winning Isn’t Everything. Or Is It?

2019-10-11T11:05:14+00:00October 11th, 2019|Talking Points|16 Comments

Winning isn't everything. Apparently. We're now living in a new age of international sport where manners, decency and fair play are the objectives. The goal is to win respect not matches. Anyone would've thought that we've become Australia post sandpaper-gate. I didn't think so at the time, but maybe the entertainer at [...]

10 10, 2019

Why The Hashim Amla Kolpak Deal Is Good For County Cricket

2019-10-10T13:41:30+00:00October 10th, 2019|County Cricket, Talking Points|19 Comments

Is there a more controversial word in the English cricketing dictionary than 'Kolpak'? No other word, other than '(the) Hundred', leads to more collective cursing and eyebrow raising. However, not all Kolpak deals are the same. And today I'm going to argue that Surrey's Hashim Amla Kolpak signing, which was announced this [...]

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