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We’re a community of cricket fans who follow the England national team. Or, in other words, a bunch of neurotic, obsessive cricket nerds who have far too much time on their hands. We’ll be here throughout the year to celebrate, bemoan and worry incessantly about the England cricket team.

This is actually the second incarnation of TFT. The blog was initially founded by Maxie Allen and James Morgan back in 2009 – the year when Graham ‘Bunny’ Onions famously blocked out the last over to secure a famous draw against South Africa. This first chapter came to an end in October 2015 when Maxie retired to the stands.

After a brief hiatus, James (that’s me by the way) resuscitated the blog and took things in a slightly different direction. The spirit of the old site remains though. We’re still a platform for cricket lovers to express their emotions – whether it’s about the team selection, management, officialdom, the spectator experience or the many problems facing our brilliant sport.

All views are welcome. If you’ve got something on your chest, please use this site as therapy. We’re generally a polite bunch (mostly) and discussion is the name of the game.

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  • Is there a case for Wisden to develop a ‘Five Cricketers of the ENGLISH Year’ list, that’s different from a ‘Five Cricketers of the Year’ list? To recognise achievement in the English domestic circuit as of a different (higher?) order from achievement in international cricket? I’d made this point a while ago (see link below) but would love to hear from English fans.


    After all, isn’t placing an international achiever, such as Cook, alongside batsmen who’ve cut it only in the local circuit, a tad unfair? Even if you forget about non-English players, isn’t it unfair even to English players of international calibre? Wisden has long since ceased to be an ‘English’ publication about an ‘English’ game. It has, for many years now, been a global digest about an increasingly global game. So, shouldn’t ‘Five Cricketers of the Year’ be about achievement on the global stage? With a separate list, perhaps, to salute ‘Five Cricketers of the ENGLISH Year’? Right? Wrong?

    • when batsman comes front foot half way for a spinners of the pitch and hit him on de full waste level is it a no ball or a gud ball???

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