My Winter Escape


Today we have an article by new guest writer Lee Payne. If, like me, you love watching England during the long winter nights, you might rather enjoy this … although I’m not expecting too much joy at Perth!  I haven’t been abroad for almost a decade. In fact, my passport expired four years ago. However, in the last few winters I’ve been to Cape Town, Mumbai and Adelaide. Early in the...

Pull the other one – England’s Ashes injury hoodoos


Injuries. They’re the bane of the England cricket team’s existence. And every time there’s an Ashes tour down under things just go from bad to worse. Back in the 1990s England only seemed to have two players the Aussies worried about: Darren Gough and Graham Thorpe. Therefore it was odds on they’d both get injured either before or during the tour … thus making an impossible task even more...

Bloody Australians


First I’ll begin with a confession. When I was a teenager I used to take life too seriously. And I used to get far too worked up about sport. I used to hate Shane Warne with a passion (a very unhealthy passion), and I used to fantasise about punching Matthew Hayden in the face. For me the Ashes was a war. It was the benevolent English against the uncouth Aussie scum. I used to despise their...

In Keeping With Tradition: A Tribute To Chris Read


There is a scene in an old episode of The Simpsons where Principal Skinner is addressing a new intake of students and Bart scuppers it by unfurling a banner with the message – “Skinner is a wiener”. The Principal of Springfield Elementary looks up forlornly to the heavens and mutters “you’ve lost them Seymour. You’ve lost them”. He knows immediately that regardless of what he does throughout the...

Captain’s Log: Durham 1999 Part 4


Welcome back! Durham’s real life season has been a bit of a disaster, but at least they have the excuse of starting in negative points. Here, back 1999 on International Cricket Captain, Durham are still a relatively new first class county and have just about shaken off the wooden spoon tag. But they’re still not good. And under my tutelage, they are somehow getting worse… Fresh from the Hampshire...

Our Dear Old Blowers


I suppose that Henry Blofeld has often divided opinion. You could almost describe him as the Jeremy Corbyn of the commentary box – a sobriquet that is deliberately facetious as I think it would be stretching credibility to suggest that Blowers is hiding even a hint of red under the bed. He might have a picnic hamper, perhaps, and maybe a jeroboam or two, but Mao’s little red book? I...

Captain’s Log Durham 1999: Part 3


While we wait for the the ECB to announce the new TV rights – anyone else expect a Sky monopoly with a few ‘free’ games on Sky Mix thrown in? – here’s part 3 of Dave Black’s adventures on International Cricket Captain … The first match should have been a win. It’s not unreasonable to expect us to take at least one wicket in the final session on a fourth...

Flashback: The 2004 U19 World Cup


Here’s a trip down memory lane from new guest writer Lee Payne. This submission got my attention because I remember U19 World Cups fondly. Enjoy! Remember when you were young? Remember when it was so easy to get obsessed with something? Sport wasn’t something I enjoyed until I was about 9 years old. Until then, it was nothing more than an interruption to my weekend cartoons. Dad would...

Captain’s Log: Durham 1999 Part 2


Welcome back! The very fact that a part 2 was commissioned means that part 1 was a success in my eyes. If you remember, we we’re back in 1999, trying to make Durham a force on International Cricket Captain 2. When I left you we’d just finished Day two, and we lead Worcestershire by 176 runs, although the visitors have 5 wickets remaining. We have however snared the danger men Hick & Moody, so...

Captain’s Log, Durham 1999 Part 1


Today I’d like to introduce a new series we hope to feature regularly on TFT. And you’ll be pleased to know that it has nothing to do with Jos Buttler and his towel. It’s a series for everyone who had a misspent youth playing cricket video games. And if you didn’t – and you actually had a life – hopefully you’ll enjoy the trip down memory lane anyway. The...

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