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Ind v Eng 2016
What Happened Next? The 3rd T20

Let’s play ‘What Happened Next?’. England are a promising 119-2 off 13 overs chasing a competitive but not insurmountable 202 on a fast scoring ground. Two experienced batsmen are at the crease. Both are well set. Surely a close finish is on the cards? Nope. Instead of setting up a…

Ind v Eng 2016
England Foiled By Billy The Kid: 2nd T20

There’s no point crying over a T20 international – especially one everyone will have forgotten by this time next week – but England were a little hard done by in Nagpur yesterday. We were pretty much cruising to victory, with just eight runs needed off the last over, when an umpire with a…

Ind v Eng 2016
Bowlers And Skipper Do The Job

Well, well, well. It looks like England victories in India are like buses. And I don’t mean that they’re big, red, overcrowded, and driven by people who get angry if you don’t give them the right change. I wrote an article the other day on why I think T20 is…

Ind v Eng 2016
Are England Better At T20s Than ODIs?

I’m going to eschew fancy headlines today. This article will do what it says on the tin. With the T20 games in India about to begin, it’s time I asked whether Eoin Morgan’s T20 side is better than its 50 over equivalent. Why do I ask? Because it has been playing…

Ind v Eng 2016
Woakes Goes From Villain To Hero

I have some momentous news to bring you. I’m delighted to report that the England cricket team has finally won a game against India. It only took eight attempts. Yesterday’s win was brilliant. I don’t care that it was a dead rubber. India were desperate to notch a seventh straight…

Ind v Eng 2016
Captain Morgan Excels But Ship Still Sinks

Wash, rinse, repeat. Today’s ODI was pretty much the same story as the last one but with two interesting but ultimately inconsequential differences: this time England batted second, and this time the captain made some runs. Unfortunately we still lost the game because, well, our bowling attack is still the…

Ind v Eng 2016
England Get The Kohli Wobbles – The 1st ODI

I don’t need to write this blog anymore. I just need a computer programme that can spell Virat Kohli and then add a list of superlatives after his name. He’s just too bloody good for our quite average bowling attack. We’ve been saying it all effing winter and it’s not…

Ind v Eng 2016
Will 2017 Be The Year We Finally Win A 50 Over Tournament?

It was good to see England win their first warm up against a strong India A side in Mumbai. The hosts’ selection suggested they wanted to derail our preparations and sap our morale from the outset. ‘A’ teams usually consist of hungry young players not grizzled campaigners like MS Dhoni, Shikhar Dhawan,…

Eng V Bang 2016
Top Billings: England Win The Series

Some people might sneer, and claim that beating Bangladesh is no big deal, but the statistics say otherwise. The hosts had lost just 3 of their last 20 ODIs at home, and had recently enjoyed series wins over New Zealand, Pakistan and South Africa. That’s the South Africa who have…

Eng V Bang 2016
A Spicy Finale Ahead

Two games, two different winners, two players fined, and a final that’s too close to call. I’ve really enjoyed the ODI series in Bangladesh thus far. It’s a good contest between two competitive teams and I have absolutely no idea who will win the decider. The first game was hugely…

Eng v Pak 2016
Pakistan Turn It On, Then Wave Goodbye

I think it’s best to forget last night’s T20. Pakistan shocked everyone by looking motivated, aggressive and desperate to win. England, on the other hand, looked somewhat complacent and relaxed. Mentally we weren’t at the races and made far too many mental errors. It’s always hard to gauge Pakistan’s mood. They’re usually entertaining to watch…

Eng v Pak 2016
Sarfraz Razzmatazz – The 5th ODI

I don’t like to see one-sided ODI series, especially those bolted on needlessly at the end of test series, so I’m quite pleased that Pakistan avoided a whitewash at Cardiff yesterday. It proves that Pakistan can be competitive in 50 over cricket, and that England aren’t quite invincible yet. Although…

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