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Another Rubbish Championship Finale


First class cricket is dead. It’s boring, predictable, and nobody likes it. In fact, the only way to save it is to make the players wear coloured clothing, play music every time there’s a boundary, and cut the duration of matches to two days. Oh, and scrap the counties and create artificial city-based franchises packed full of overseas ‘stars’ too. Then the bloody thing...

The Only Story Is Essex


Essex eh? You either love them or loathe them. There was a time when the Essex mafia dominated English cricket. Names like Gooch, Foster and Pringle were synonymous with the England team. Latterly of course, it’s all been about Andy Flower and Alastair Cook. Just don’t mention the name James Foster, or all those ‘he only plays for England because he plays for Essex’...

A Load Of Pink Balls? Day-Night Championship Cricket


Hector has been to the Rose Bowl to watch some day-night first class cricket. Here are his observations … I’ll admit I was intrigued upon first hearing about the concept. Cricket under lights is hardly a new idea but the county championship under lights stoked an inner sense of curiosity. Admittedly, floodlit county championship cricket is not wholly new – Kent hosted Glamorgan at...

Outground cricket. Bloomin Marvellous.


As we lick our wounds after the CT semi final, here’s Media Penguin to cheer us up. There ain’t nowt like watching county championship at traditional outgrounds … Lancashire v Middlesex Trafalgar Road, Southport. Lancs won by 8 wickets It had it all – a sun blazing on my baldy pate, a washed out day fit for gumboots or goloshes and two other days that at times required a...

Back To The Future? A Plan For Domestic 50 Over Cricket


In the ECB’s brave new world there is very little to please the poor, beleaguered, run of the mill cricket supporter. The county championship is being ever more marginalised, the calendar is re-shuffled almost every year, and the ECB is intent on wooing a completely new audience. Current supporters are just expected to shut up and continue paying their money. How very football. Instead of...

City T20 – The Name Calling Has Started


I don’t know what is happening in other counties but in Lancashire the in-fighting has erupted. Not about the fact that the club politbureau took a decision to join the T20 circus without consulting members – but what the new team will be called. The consensus outside Manchester appears to be that many will not follow a team bearing that monicker. Supporters have quickly divided along city...

Ballance Makes History But Is Liam Livingstone The Future? Championship Roundup


Hold on to your panama hats folks. It’s time for our weekly championship roundup. Sod the IPL. We all know this is the stuff that really matters. Who cares about Ben Stokes’ match turning performance for the Rising Prune Superlaxatives when Darren Stevens has taken another five-fer at Canterbury? Ahem. We start our exciting journey at Old Trafford, the theatre of creams, where Liam Livingstone...

Gale Gets Mouthy, Cook Simmers, Northeast Stars: Championship Roundup


Afternoon all. I hope you had a pleasant Easter. Mine involved failing miserably to limit my kids’ chocolate quota (and then paying a heavy price for that failure). Fortunately however, my negligence as a parent didn’t prevent me from enjoying the last round of championship matches. Indeed, the only bit of my Easter that was vaguely tolerable was locking myself away in my study so I...

Love the County Championship? Then You’re One in a Million


If the ECB thinks the county championship is just for obsessives, nerds, and cricket tragics, then the UK seems to be full of these anorak-wearing weirdos. A few days ago, TMS announcer Adam Mountford proudly announced that over one million people (and that’s unique visitors) followed their coverage of the championship last week. And that comes after the county cricket page was the second most...

Championship Roundup: Winners, Losers, Irritants


This time of year is, frankly, a very confusing time for the modern cricket fan. As the IPL gets into full swing – with million-pound man Stokes swinging like a 1920’s speakeasy and Tymal Millions steaming in like a locomotive – it’s easy to conclude that this is cricket’s new soul. And yet, in (normally) damp old England, pockets of dangerously obsessed, statistic-adoring...

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