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County cricket
Love the County Championship? Then You’re One in a Million

If the ECB thinks the county championship is just for obsessives, nerds, and cricket tragics, then the UK seems to be full of these anorak-wearing weirdos. A few days ago, TMS announcer Adam Mountford proudly announced that over one million people (and that’s unique visitors) followed their coverage of the championship…

County cricket
Championship Roundup: Winners, Losers, Irritants

This time of year is, frankly, a very confusing time for the modern cricket fan. As the IPL gets into full swing – with million-pound man Stokes swinging like a 1920’s speakeasy and Tymal Millions steaming in like a locomotive – it’s easy to conclude that this is cricket’s new soul.…

County cricket
Another Trifling Summer

The sun is shining (at least it is where I am), spring has sprung, and the domestic cricket season is nearly upon us. With that in mind, here are the thoughts of guest writer Media Penguin. As a devotee of county cricket he has some interesting thoughts to share on the…

County cricket
Durham Academy Rated Finest In The Country

If you were upset about Durham’s relegation from the county championship last year, you’d better have your thermometer ready. This story is going to make your blood boil. According to the Northern Echo, Durham’s Academy has just been rated as the finest in the country by the ECB. That’s the…

County cricket
The County Championship: An Old Friend

Sometimes the county championship seems so maligned that even the ECB has lost faith in it. Despite its thrilling finale back in September, many see the competition as an anachronism with no future. However, guest writer Hector Cappelletti begs to differ. He believes the championship has not only been pivotal in England’s recent…

County cricket
The Wednesday Watermelon

I thought today was going to be a quiet one. The first test preview was in the books so I was looking forward to a little down time. Fat chance. Instead there’s plenty of domestic news to talk about. Firstly, the ECB has postponed the launch of its new franchise…

County cricket
The Friday Fried Egg

Yessssss welcome back to the fried world of breakfast. I’m Max Walker. Give me my job back. Graeeeeeme Labrooy. No wonder they call me tangles. Apologies to those of you who haven’t heard the brilliant 12th Man tapes. The above was a tribute to former Aussie seamer and cult commentator…

County cricket
ECB Should Not Punish Durham

I am not a Durham supporter. I’ve never even been to Riverside. But I’m still appalled that the ECB might penalise the county – probably with a points deduction that could relegate them – for needing financial support at the end of the season. Why do I think this? Because Durham’s problems are…

County cricket
Middlesex: Better Than Sex?

What a climax. Take away the curious half hour of declaration bowling and Friday was championship cricket at its best. It proved, as if we didn’t already know, that first-class cricket is still the best form of the game. You don’t need city based teams, you don’t need players wearing pyjamas,…

County cricket
City Based T20: A Not So Cunning Plan

Thinking is a dangerous thing – especially if you’re an ECB suit or a middle-aged cricket blogger. However, the ECB’s warning to counties that they must accept radical changes to the domestic game or face years of decline has got the grey matter churning. I mean, who the hell are the…

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