Looking for Cricket Writing Opportunities?

Much as we’d like to spend all day writing about cricket, our paid jobs have to come first (in theory); therefore we’re always on the lookout for help. So if you’re looking for cricket writing opportunities then please get in touch.

I’m afraid that we can’t offer you payment, as most of the money we earn from this site gets reinvested in things like hosting, but we can provide valuable experience for aspiring cricket writers, or simply provide a platform for your writing to reach a broader audience. After all, thousands of people read The Full Toss every week. We’re not exactly Cricinfo or The Daily Telegraph but it’s a start, right?

So if you’d like to write something for us, whether it’s a feature article or just your thoughts on recent or upcoming events, we’d love to hear from you. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional writer or copywriter. Although polished articles are preferable there’s always room for supporters who are simply writing from the heart. We pride ourselves on being an independent voice of English cricket, and a place for independent cricket writing, so don’t be afraid to express unorthodox views.

Of course, we can’t guarantee we’ll publish everything we receive (and we might do a little editing here and there) but we’re a broad church here at TFT. All views are welcome (within reason).

Feel free to email your completed articles to james@thefulltoss.com. However, it’s usually best to run your topic past us first to avoid any clashes with other writers.