Hello all. I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the cricket season. I haven’t actually seen a lot of the action myself. Life is just so busy these days that it’s become increasingly difficult to find the time. Talking of which, I have some news…

Sadly, I’ve taken the decision to call it stumps at The Full Toss. I’ve been winding the blog down for a while and, after approximately 15 years at the crease, it’s finally time to retire. I’ve managed to keep things going over the last couple of years thanks to our fantastic team of guest contributors. However, even editing is beginning to take its toll.

I’m also about to start a new fulltime job, after years of freelancing, so now feels like the natural time to call it a day. I want to give my new role 100% without any distractions. Instead of writing about cricket, I’ll be writing about property. It’s not quite as exciting but it’s probably more important. After all, homes cost even more than a ticket to a Lord’s Test. Just.

Although I have no immediate plans to blog about cricket again, at least for a while, there’s always a slim chance that TFT might be back in some form in the future. I might even be tempted to write the odd article if The Ashes are particularly exciting and I get the urge. However, this is the end as far as maintaining a blog that publishes regular content is concerned. Our back catalogue, however, will remain live.

So what can I say? I think the word I’m searching for is ‘thanks’. It’s been a great ride. And I really appreciate all your support, encouragement, and comments along the way. We created a nice little cricket community and I’ll certainly miss you all – especially those of you who have been with us since the start.

When Maxie and I founded The Full Toss all those years ago, our goal was to create something that was recognisable and relevant. And I think we just about achieved that. At one point, about three years ago, we had over 1,000 subscribers and were regularly topping over 2,000 views per day. However, all good things must come to and end. And, sadly, it’s become too tricky to keep things going.

Before I sign off, I’d quickly like to add that running The Full Toss has been a brilliant experience. I thoroughly recommend blogging! My only disappointment is we couldn’t quite outlast Jimmy Anderson, who was a wee whippersnapper when it all began. Well, I guess there’s no disgrace in having less stamina than the most indefatigable cricketer of modern times.

Thanks again to all. Take care. Let’s hope for an exciting Ashes series.




  • Sorry to hear this James. This is one of my faovurite blogs. Best of luck in you new career.

  • Wish you all the best, James. I’ve been a long time lurker but hungry devourer of the content, which has been excellent. Everything is finite, but you will be missed.

  • Really sad that we will not be getting your insights anymore. I’ve always been read the articles as they popped up and I felt more educated on the game I love.

    Thank you for all you have done and am sure you will have huge success in your new role.

    Looking forward to seeing you new ‘the full house’ blog in the future!!

  • Sorry to see you go James just when it looks like The Hundred is being shown the door. Good luck though property hasn’t got quite the same ring as cricket. Keeping debates alive makes sure that the unthinkable doesn’t happen. Strauss gone. That has to be a good sign, the battle’s not begun but it isn’t dead and there’s hope that cricket’s not throwaway chip paper after all. Who knows Strauss met his match by taking an axe to County cricket. It will take time to relaunch the dedication and enthusiasm of the beaten up fans. The Hundred wasn’t meant for us. It took years of spinning and lots of money but in the end it dug its own grave with its five ball overs and cricket amnesia.

  • Hi James
    Sorry to hear that you are calling it a day as far as TFT is concerned.
    I fully understand and wish you all the very best in your new venture
    I would just like to say a mighty Thank You to you for your postings over the years
    You have regularly been spot on with your thoughts on the 100, County Championship, and our Test team
    Many thanks I shall miss your sane and sensible thoughts

  • James
    Could I just echo the sentiments of other posters. I have thoroughly enjoyed the blog and wish you every success in the future.
    Kind regards

  • Sorry to hear this James but very best wishes in your new job and for the future. I have a feeling that the lure of the great game may tempt you back sometime, perhaps sooner than you think! At least the 100 should be flushed down the loo by then.

    Have very much enjoyed the blog, one of the best in which people discuss rather than shout at each other.

  • Hi James. Been an absolute pleasure to both read as well as write for this amazing blog. That said, all good things must come to an end. The Full Toss has had a truly marvellous innings and has during its time, been one of the most exciting and unique cricket sites around. Wishing you all the best in your property writing pursuits…Best wishes, Sulaiman.

  • Thanks, James, for all your previous articles. I Appreciate most things are finite but I hope that TFT will not die but have the occasional report. I wish you well in your new working environment as I’m sure do most other readers.

  • Sorry to hear this, and completely understand the thought processes behind it. It was an exciting time back then, when I felt that we were the blogs taking it to the ECB and media, but as time goes by that became less the issue and time itself became poorer.

    You and Maxie were massive inspirations back then, and thank you for the support around that time. Keep the blog open, as you say, as you never know when you might want to say something in the future.

    All the best, James, in the new venture and role.

  • Will miss you. There’s no realistic alternative to vent and engage in debate at the same time.
    Thanks for your efforts and hope you might be able to relaunch similar at some future date.

  • Really sad news but many thanks for what you have done for so long – a truly marathon day in the field. My very best wishes for a less stressful future

  • Thank you for everything, it really has been greatly appreciated…..

  • Thanks for all you’ve done over the years James and all the best for the future. I keep an blog going in a different subject are and I know what a drain it can be at times!

    As for the rest of you jesters, I look forward to seeing you all at some point in the future if and when another site like this pops up. Cheers 🏏🍻

  • Thanks James, I have really enjoyed your articles. Good luck and best wishes.

  • I echo all the above sentiments. Writing for and reading the blog has been a pleasure as has the lively exchange of views that it has elicited. Thankyou, and good luck for your future endeavours.

  • I’ve only recently started receiving posts from TFT and have thoroughly enjoyed the articles that I’ve read so I’m naturally saddened that it will no longer continue.
    Thank you for these excellent articles James (and team) and good luck with your new venture.
    The Full Toss will be missed.

  • Thanks James, I’ve always enjoyed your postings and your views on the game. All the very best on your new career.

  • James I have been blogging for 18 years and it does take time and effort. My blog was mainly book based but now I am writing more generally about all matters domestic or whatever catches my fancy. So the pressure to review a book or three and deadlines are gone. I have loved reading the Full Toss and I thank you for all the fascinating articles


  • Thanks for everything. You will be missed.

    Me? after a freak accident, still soldering on. Somehow. Language. Speech. The right half. All over again. At 42. Oops. Needless to say my priorities are elsewhere.

    I wish you well. And perhaps, who knows. I am not done yet. Thanks for everything

  • Sorry to hear this, James. As you’ll be aware, TFT was a rich source of material for my annual column in Wisden, so I’ll miss it for that and for the fact that you were giving alternative writers (and their views) a platform right to the end. And I know all about the difficulties of keeping a blog going when you have lots of other things going on in your life.

    I hope you’re going to leave the site up. It’ll be good to refer back to it from time to time, and the design is superb.


  • Oh my word.
    This is such sad & awful news.
    Having only come across you a year ago I’m going to struggle without your insightful thoughts & insightful appraisals of the greatest game.
    Wishing you the absolute very best going forward.
    In your new venture, knock em for six!

  • I’d just quickly like to thank everyone for their kind words. I really appreciate it. I’ll still be on Twitter @thefulltoss so I’m not disappearing completely. Cheers.

  • James,
    Thank you for all your efforts.
    The Full Toss will be missed!

  • It’s sad to hear that The Full Toss blog is retiring after 15 years. As a fantasy cricket fans I always enjoyed reading their cricket analysis and opinions. The blog had a great community of cricket fans, and it will be missed.

  • Hi James. Sorry to hear that you’re bringing TFT to a close, but completely understand your reasons for doing so. I’ve had a great time writing for the blog and am grateful for the opportunity to indulge one of my great passions. I feel I’ve become a better writer over the last couple of years which is mainly due to TFT. Good luck with the new job and keep in touch.


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