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Welcome to TFT, one of the UK’s longest serving cricket blogs. We’ll be here throughout the year to debate, moan, and occasionally rejoice about the England cricket team. If something’s bothering you, whether it’s selection, governance, or the cost of a pint, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You don’t need to be a professional writer or copywriter, just a fan with something to say. Email james@thefulltoss.com for more info. Cheers.

908, 2010

Bring down the price of test match tickets

By | August 9th, 2010|Categories: Being an England supporter, ECB|5 Comments

The cricket media have finally spotted the link between exorbitant ticket prices and poor attendance. Or at least Jonathan Agnew and the BBC online team have - in what's become a major talking point of the Edgbaston test. Far too often, cricket journalists disparage poor attendance as evidence of uninterest or disloyalty - forgetting that unlike spectators, they not only enter [...]

508, 2010

England’s coach journey to number 1?

By | August 5th, 2010|Categories: News|5 Comments

A very thought-provoking article by Simon Hughes in today's Daily Telegraph. He argues that England's forensic coaching techniques and vigorous attention to detail are propelling our side to the top of the world rankings. As he points out, our test record since February 2009 is P20 W10 D8 L2. But six of those wins were against weak Bangladeshi and West Indian [...]

208, 2010

Is Anderson really king of the swingers, or is he still Jimmy (the) Riddle?

By | August 2nd, 2010|Categories: News|2 Comments

Eat your heart out Terry Alderman. And as for you, Ben Hilfenhaus, kindly move over. There’s a new swinger in town. Well, to be totally accurate, James Anderson is hardly new. He’s now 28 years old and he’s played 49 test matches. But people outside of Lancashire (and the Anderson family) are finally beginning to call Jimmy ‘the best swing [...]

2207, 2010

The Full Toss Meets Andrew Flintoff

By | July 22nd, 2010|Categories: Interviews, News, PakvEng2015|2 Comments

When Shell wanted an ambassador to help promote their new FuelSave range, Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff was the natural choice. There’s always been a connection between cricket, automobiles and people nicknamed Fred: The Flintstones' car looks exactly like a cricket pitch roller. Fortunately, today’s automobiles are rather more comfortable than the ‘Flintmobile’. Petrol technology is also improving – although Shell still have some way to [...]

2107, 2010

Government stalls on free-to-air decision

By | July 21st, 2010|Categories: Cricket on TV, ECB|8 Comments

Sports minister Hugh Robertson today announced that the decision on whether to re-list home Ashes tests for free-to-air TV will be deferred to 2013. The government's official rationale is a preference to wait until the digital TV switchover is complete in 2012. Unless of course they've chosen to fudge a politically fraught decision which either way will anger someone - the public, or [...]

1507, 2010

Why the English love Warney

By | July 15th, 2010|Categories: Cricket on TV, Nostalgia|4 Comments

  He terrorised us for years. He pushed the laws of the game to the limit (and sometimes overstepped the mark). He was suspended for using a banned diuretic. He gave information to a dodgy Indian bookmaker – a kind of cricketing ‘cash for questions’ scandal – and he badgered match officials into giving dodgy decisions in a way that Christiano [...]

807, 2010

Pakistan’s home from home (but who do you want to win?)

By | July 8th, 2010|Categories: Being an England supporter|2 Comments

This summer England are hosting a mini test series between Pakistan and Australia – something we should be proud of. It’s good to see us helping out the beleaguered Pakistanis. International cricket can’t afford to lose a colourful team like Pakistan, so well done to the ECB  for helping them out whilst the security situation within their country remains dire. [...]

507, 2010

Anybody fancy playing Bangladesh again?

By | July 5th, 2010|Categories: News|3 Comments

Didn’t think so. Jimmy Anderson doesn’t look too keen either. Perhaps that’s why Kevin Pietersen has got injured again? Maybe his thigh strain is actually a dislocated jaw – from yawning so much. The England squad must be bored senseless at the prospect of yet another pointless series against the whipping boys of international cricket. But who are we to [...]

2206, 2010

Time to ruffle a few canary yellow feathers

By | June 22nd, 2010|Categories: News|4 Comments

If England beat Australia in the one-day series that starts at the Rose Bowl today, we’ll find ourselves in the delicious position of having beaten the Aussies in our most recent meetings in all three forms of the game. When did that last happen? Not since Scott Robinson first laid eyes on Charlene Mitchell I wager (that’s a Kylie and [...]

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