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801, 2011

Our ten favourite Ashes moments

By |January 8th, 2011|Categories: News|5 Comments

1. Strauss’s LBW that wasn’t The England skipper took guard for the first ball of our second innings at Brisbane, trailing Australia by 221 runs.  First ball, he padded up to a straight one, which, to the naked eye, appeared to be crashing into middle stump. Somehow, he was reprieved by Aleem Dar – and on review, the ball was [...]

801, 2011

IPL Auction 2011 Update: Who Won the Bloody T20 World Cup Anyway?

By |January 8th, 2011|Categories: News|18 Comments

As a late convert to the IPL, I’ve got to admit that the bidding process has me totally flummoxed. Why do all the franchises want Aussies? Did they not see the Ashes? Have they forgotten what happened in the T20 World Cup final? Thus far Steve Smith, James Hopes, David Warner, Shaun Marsh, Adam Gilchrist, Doug Bollinger, and David Hussey [...]

701, 2011

Day five at Sydney

By |January 7th, 2011|Categories: News|2 Comments

England (644) beat Australia (280 & 281) by an innings and 83 runs. This is what it’s all been for. The months of hope and expectation, tinged with anxiety; the seven long weeks of frayed nerves and sleep deprivation. It’s been worth it. Because, finally, we can stop worrying and simply enjoy the moment. We have beaten Australia, in Australia. [...]

701, 2011

An Englishman’s Guide to NOT gloating (not too much, anyway)

By |January 7th, 2011|Categories: News|0 Comments

  When a team has won an ‘amazing’ (©Kevin Pietersen) victory against their greatest rivals, the vanquished usually try to make themselves feel better by accusing the victors of arrogance and/or over exuberance. I propose we don’t even give the Aussies that. Let’s be as magnanimous as possible. Sure we’ll dance around like we’ve won the lottery in private, and [...]

601, 2011

Brigadier Block, We Salute You!

By |January 6th, 2011|Categories: Nostalgia|Tags: |3 Comments

Top bloke Paul Collingwood. A team man to the last. When it came to saving test matches, Colly was the immovable object. But with the Ashes in the bag, and a crop of young batsmen lining up to take his place, Paul Collingwood instinctively knew when to stand aside. Colly’s decision to retire from test cricket yesterday was typical of [...]

601, 2011

Day four at Sydney

By |January 6th, 2011|Categories: News|1 Comment

Stumps:  Australia 213-7 and 280. England 644. Three wickets. Smith, Siddle, Hilfenhaus, and Beer. Just three of those separate us from the fulfilment of our dreams. Ridiculously, I still harbour a bizarre nightmare in which Smith and Siddle put on 200 for the eighth wicket. They've already added 42. But we're almost there, and God-willing, tomorrow we will celebrate, exult, [...]

501, 2011

The Perfect Day

By |January 5th, 2011|Categories: News|1 Comment

In the immortal words of Lou Reed, ‘you’re going to reap what you sow’. England’s batsmen deserve all the success (and luck!) they had yesterday. And what about the Australians – do they deserve to have their noses rubbed in it? As an Englishman, I’d say unreservedly yes. They’ve chopped and changed their team. They’ve given us decades of abuse. [...]

501, 2011

Day three at Sydney

By |January 5th, 2011|Categories: News|13 Comments

Stumps: England 488-7. Australia 280. Memo to England's batsmen: very, very well done. The mark of a champion team is their depth of resolve with the bat. Today, our batsmen approached their task with total authority, and transformed a slightly perilous position into a virtually impregnable one. In the past, we would have collapsed by lunch. Cook batted beautifully - [...]

401, 2011

Is Captain Sensible any better than Captain Cranky?

By |January 4th, 2011|Categories: News|Tags: , |0 Comments

Just because a plan has been successful doesn’t mean that another strategy wouldn’t have worked even better. The foot and mouth outbreak a few years ago was eventually contained, but Tony Blair often had his foot in his mouth during the crisis. Similarly, Australia won the third test at Perth, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they picked the right XI [...]

401, 2011

Day two at Sydney

By |January 4th, 2011|Categories: News|2 Comments

Stumps: England 167-3. Australia 280. I've got a bad feeling about this. And here's a very unpleasant notion to savour: Mitchell Johnson's runs may have squared the series for Australia. In terms of the way Australia have bowled for most of our innings, and the way we bowled (and they batted) for most of theirs, 2-2 would be a travesty. [...]

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