Ireland: Testing The Waters


Today we have a guest article by Kevin Galvin, an Irish writer with the Evening Echo and Irish Examiner. He talks about Ireland’s development as a team and their pursuit of test status. It must be incredibly frustrating to be an Ireland supporter right now. Had India got behind the idea of two divisions in test cricket, then Ireland would have been included in the second division. Instead...

India Block Plan To Resuscitate Test Cricket


Hey England. Hey Australia. Hey South Africa. Hey New Zealand. Hey Pakistan. Hey West Indies. Hey 72% of international cricketers. You want a two-division structure for test cricket? Well tough luck. We’re the mighty BCCI and we do what we want. You can stuff your plan to save test cricket and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Today is a very depressing day for international test cricket. Even...

T20 Or Bust? The ECB’s New Radical Plan To Shake-Up County Cricket


Details are slowly emerging of an ECB plan to double the TV revenue it currently receives from Sky. At first I assumed this might come via a bidding war between Sky and BT Sport when the current deal elapses in 2019. But I was wrong. The actual plan is a completely separate initiative that wouldn’t even involve the England team. Indeed, income generated from the plan would be ring-fenced, and...

Do The Maths: 4 Points For A Test Is Not Enough


At first I was incredulous. Then I was angry. Yesterday we were told that Sri Lanka’s tour of England will be decided by a points system – an idea I initially supported when it was floated a few weeks ago. Although I’m a purist at heart, I recognised that something needs to change. Test cricket is rapidly becoming an anachronism and I’m generally supportive of any...

Computer Says Gimmick: Strauss’s North versus South Series


Have you heard the news? Those crazy cats at the ECB have arranged a North versus South series in the UAE next March. There will be three games every year until 2019 to help England’s fringe players prepare for the next World Cup. I’m not sure why they’re trying to help the ODI side, rather than the test squad, but there we go. Although I’ve been cautiously optimistic about several innovations...

Gently Down The Online Stream?


We’ll have a roundup of all the latest championship action tomorrow, but today I’d like to talk about a dispute that’s brewing between the counties, the ECB and Sky. It’s a rather delicate issue this one. As we all know, English cricket’s suits care very much about their satellite TV windfall. Those of you who keep an eye on social media will know that counties frequently show brief highlights of...

ICC Latest: It’s the Money, Stupid


World cricket has been run so badly in recent times that it’s easy to get overexcited when administrators finally make the right noises. However, it’s hard not to feel at least cautiously optimistic about recent events at the ICC. There are still a lot of things to discuss – and there’s always the risk that positive statements are merely PR exercises – but it certainly sounds like the authorities...

Giles Clarke Asked To Explain Himself


What goes round comes round. Or so it seems. Giles Clarke, the < cough > controversial < cough >, former chairman and now president of the ECB has been summoned by the Commons culture, media and sport select committee. He’s been asked to explain the ECB’s role, and presumably his personal role as ECB supreme leader, in 2014’s shameful big three stitch up at the ICC...

Two Division Test Championship On The Cards?


Now this is interesting. A report in the Guardian suggests that the ICC is getting serious about saving test cricket. But not everyone is going to like one of the main proposals – not least the West Indies. According to Tim Wigmore the new ICC mandarins, who seem less self-interested than the bananas who preceded them, want to create a two division test championship. They’re proposing a top...

Waitrose Dump The ECB


I’d like to welcome back a familiar face to TFT. News broke a few days ago that Waitrose will not renew their sponsorship of the England cricket teams. Who better to react to developments than my old co-editor Maxie Allen? He’s been following events from afar with interest …  Here are a few thoughts about the recent news that Waitrose have dumped the ECB. The supermarket chain...

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