You’ve seen him on Cricinfo’s Polite Enquiries. You’re about to see him in Death of a Gentleman. Now you can hear Jarrod Kimber’s passionate and pertinent views on the future of cricket here on The Full Toss. The only drawback: you’ll have to suffer my vapid tones at the same time. Sorry about that.

I’ve published this audio file in a separate thread because we ended up talking about so much more than Jarrod and Sam’s film. You can read our review here. The interview was supposed to last fifteen minutes, but we actually spent nearly an hour chewing the fat about the ICC, the ECB, the mainstream cricket media, and the disconnect between England players and supporters.

We also talked about the challenges and importance of cricket blogging – not to mention social media as a whole. And of course, Jarrod spoke at length about how ordinary cricket supporters can help make cricket’s governing body more transparent and accountable.

Because you all lead busy lives, and I doubt everyone will have time to listen to an interview that ended up being more like a podcast, I’ve added signposts for the audio feed below. Just fast forward to the bits you’re interested in.

Alternatively, if it’s late at night, and your other half and / or the kids are tucked up in bed, crack open a beer, put on those slippers, light a fat cuban, and settle in for the long haul. Enjoy.

0 mins – Death of a Gentleman and the future of cricket

7.00 Reviving test cricket

8.20 Giles Clarke and N. Srinivasan

16.35 The Woolfe Report

19.22 What cricket fans can do to #changecricket

21.35 The mainstream media and holding authorities to account

23.42 The power of cricket bloggers

29.35 Cricket With Balls

35.50 Being ‘inside cricket’

39.00 Advice for the ECB

42.05 Reconnecting the players with the public

43.40 Growing the game

47.20 Hopes for the future


James Morgan