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BT’s Ashes Deal – A Step in the Right Direction?


One of the things I look forward to every year is staying up late on Christmas day to watch the Boxing Day test at the MCG. It’s become a tradition. With the rest of the family safely tucked up in bed, I’ll make myself a turkey sandwich, pour a large brandy into the Edinburgh crystal, and settle in for a couple of hours of cricketing bliss. Unfortunately however, I won’t be able to do this...

How To Save Cricket – Our Interview With Jarrod Kimber


You’ve seen him on Cricinfo’s Polite Enquiries. You’re about to see him in Death of a Gentleman. Now you can hear Jarrod Kimber’s passionate and pertinent views on the future of cricket here on The Full Toss. The only drawback: you’ll have to suffer my vapid tones at the same time. Sorry about that. I’ve published this audio file in a separate thread because we...

Death of a Gentleman, Cricket’s Lifesaver


If you couldn’t care less about the future of cricket, don’t want the sport to grow, love private members’ clubs and think Giles Clarke is more of a cuddly teddy bear than a walrus, then Sam Collins and Jarrod Kimber’s new film Death of a Gentleman isn’t for you. If, on the other hand, you actually want test cricket to exist in twenty years’ time, value transparency and equality, want cricket to...

The lost key to the crown jewels


We make no apology for returning time and again to the issue of cricket on free-to-air television. This has become an increasingly crucial battleground for those who campaign to democratise cricket and broaden public access to the game. The issue arouses fierce emotions in every sport. The announcement that Sky Sports have snatched The Open golf away from the BBC was met with widespread dismay...

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