Who’s more foolish, the fool or the fool that follows England?

I dislike football analogies, but I’m going to make one anyway. Before the summer’s World Cup people inevitably got caught up in the hype. The press got behind Capello’s boys and thousands of people bought little red and white flags to attach to their cars. 2010 was going to be our year. Football was coming home.

However, all the pre-tournament optimism evaporated after 45 minutes of turgid rubbish against the USA. Suddenly people realised that despite the hype, Emile Heskey was still Emile Heskey and the England football team was still pants. After the third ball of the Ashes last night, I experienced similar emotions.

Yesterday I implored everyone who would listen that Australia would win. They’re a more balanced side than England and home advantage is always crucial. However, like most sports fans, my heart told me something different. England were the form horses. They had confidence and momentum – surely that would even things up?

That little spark of optimism has now been extinguished. There’s nothing like a hat-trick to resuscitate a flagging outfit and take the wind out of a touring team’s sails.

My head tells me that Australia will rack up 450 (or more) tomorrow, and go on to win the test convincingly. With momentum firmly behind them, they’ll probably go on to secure the series three or four tests to (maybe) one – if we’re lucky.

However, my heart refuses to give up just yet. We lost the first test in 2005, and should have lost it in 2009. And we all know what happened subsequently. Furthermore, with the toss being so crucial at Sydney, there’s still the chance that England might snatch a late victory and maybe retain the Ashes 2-2 (even if they’re outplayed for most of the series).

That’s what happened last time – surely history can repeat itself. Or am I just fooling myself again?

James Morgan


  • I didn’t expect to be praying for rain this early in the series, alas I am.

    1st test is crucial, lose that and it’s a case of winning a 4 match series in their own back yard to retain the little urn. Plus the “M” word momentum is crtical.

    Stay positive…only 1 day gone. Can’t get much worse, surely?

  • My god.. it’s only the first day. we might bowl them out for 150… Morgs less of the doom and gloom old boy!

    • I went to bed with Eng of 86-2 at lunch. The pitch was flat as a pancake and the bowling looked innocuous. I really thought we would score 400+. Unless something dramatic happened to the pitch in the afternoon, I reckon 400 would have been par. Not sure if our bowlers will get much out of the surface. But let’s hope so. It is indeed early days. The post just tries to encapsulate how I felt at the time of Strauss’ dismissal (which I blame entirely on the fact the last match was in Hobart! extra bounce)

      • Morgsy, I blame you for going to bed!!

        Warney seemed to think par was around three hundred. I think that’s probably fair, there was a bit more life in it than you’re giving credit for.

        (and I’m sure it wasn’t lost on the Australians that Hobart is as far removed from Brissy as possible)


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