Well played, Butch

Looks like Mark Butcher’s new career as a recording artist has got off to a good start.

The former Surrey and England batsman has just released his debut album ‘Songs From The Sun House’ – and it’s earned the following rave review from music-news.com:

“As the opening organ riill of ‘Put Some Soul In It’ came pouring out of the speakers and the funky drumbeat gave way to some seriously funky guitar and a fine white-soul voice I had pull over and check that I had loaded the right CD in the car stereo.

“Mr Butcher has got a heck of a lot of natural talent for Bluesey and soulful music and the majority of the tracks on this album would be naturals for Radio 2.

“Considering that these are all self-penned songs – with the exception of Paul Weller’s ‘Has My Fire Really Gone Out’ – and you can be even more impressed as he uncovers an ability both with a pen and a guitar that very few people would have thought he possesses.”

Well done Butch – hope sales go well and the new career prospers. Meanwhile, we got thinking about some of the more unusual professions taken up by cricketers after they retire from the game. Derek Randall became a florist, Mike Brearley a psycho-therapist, and Ed Giddins a professional poker player. We’re looking for some more interesting examples -so your suggestions, please…


  • Ten points for anyone who knows the name of the England cricketer who literally became a fudge-packer.

  • Wasn’t that Lance Cairns of New Zealand – I know he owns a ‘fudge distribution’ business.

    My 2p is Eddie Hemmings – who now runs a cornershop. Bet they sell lots of pies.


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