Up for the challenge?

Following yesterday’s fantasy league post, a couple of people have asked whether there is a TFT mini league. Officially there isn’t. However, there probably should be. Therefore, why not join a league that a few friends of TFT have joined. It’s called the ‘Be In It To Win It Innit Cup’ (catchy eh) and it’s telegraph PIN number 8000910.

All Full Toss readers are welcome to join. I’m not sure what kind of a response we’ll get, as people will probably participate in their own mini-leagues, but we promise that ours is worth a go. After all, it comes with the once in a lifetime opportunity to stick it to self-proclaimed armchair experts like us. The winner of the league will receive a minature model of Shane Warne’s Lamborghini, complete with canary yellow finish (if we remember to order it – which we probably won’t, so don’t get your hopes up). 


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