Bottoms Up: Four Cricket Themed Cocktails

The cricket season is finally upon us. So it’s time to reacquaint ourselves with one of the nation’s favourite pastimes: quaffing a few amber beverages while Joe Root canters to yet another century. But why settle for a warm pint of lager when there’s a world of cocktails to explore? We’ve teamed up with thebar, which has plenty of interesting ideas for exotic drinks, to bring you four cricket themed recipes to spice up a lazy afternoon.

1.Team Captain – aka “The Eoin Morgan”

A bit of an obvious one this, but while Eoin Morgan remains our ODI and T20 captain it makes sense to cash in. This cocktail blends – wait for it – Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum (how did you know that was coming?) with premium lager, ice and lemonade. The result is smooth and subtly sweet. Just remember to add a lime garnish before slurping enthusiastically.

Fill a glass with ice

Add 25ml of Captain Morgan

Stir in 150ml of premium lager

Top up with 100ml of lemonade

Place a wheel of lime on top of the glass

2.Pimm’s Royale – aka ‘The Andrew Strauss”

Why settle for ordinary Pimm’s when you can drink like cricketing royalty? It’s time to ditch the lemonade and try good old champers instead. Simply pour a regular serving of Pimm’s No.1 into a champagne flute and top up with bubbly. It’s how they do it in the Long Room you know. Use Bollinger if you’re an MCC member (or Lord Brockett himself) or plump for something more affordable if you’re a pleb like the rest of us.

Serve 50ml of Pimm’s into a flute

Top up with 75ml of champagne

Garnish with a slice of orange / lemon

Apply monocle to eye

3.Mojito – aka ‘The Moeen Ali’

I don’t care that Mo doesn’t drink. If anyone deserves to have a classic beverage named after him it’s England’s most stylish left-hander since David Gower. This Mojito is just like Moeen: silky smooth and a lot of fun. It’s a delicious combo of rum, sugar, lime, mint and soda. Tasty.

Add 2 wedges of lime & 2 teaspoons of caster sugar to a glass

Press them down with a spoon to extract flavour / aroma

Thrown in 12 leaves from a spring of mint

Fill the glass with crushed ice so it’s three-quarters full

Pour in 50ml of Captain Morgan White Rum

Stir Well

4.Rum Punch aka “The David Warner”

Like everyone’s favourite Australian pantomime villain, this cocktail packs something of a punch. It’s a combination of Spiced Gold and Original Rum, fused with apple juice, lemon juice, caramel, cinnamon, and (you guessed it) lots of ginger – which just happens to be the nation’s favourite root. Normally Davey and roots don’t blend particularly well, but the Rum Punch is an exception. Trust me, it’s a smooth and spicy knockout.

Place orange, lemon and lime slices in a punch bowl

Add a cinnamon stick

Pour in 50ml of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

Top up with 25ml of Captain Morgan Original Rum

Add 50ml of apple juice

Stir in 20ml of lemon juice

Fill up with 50mil of ginger beer and a 1 piece of fresh ginger

Splash in a dash of angostura bitter

Chill in the fridge for 2-3 hours

Serve in individual glasses with ice

So there you have it: four cricketing cocktails to make a day’s cricket even more enjoyable. If you don’t fancy the ones above, this tool will make suggestions based on the contents of your drinks cabinet.

Feel free to add your own cricketing suggestions in the comments below. Here are a couple of mine that didn’t quite make the cut. There’s the Alastair Cook, which is simply a glass of perfectly chilled mineral water, and the Ben Stokes, which is basically just a gallon of Grand Marnier.

Bottoms Up!

James Morgan

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