AuthorAdam Kiddie

Why It’s Still Ok To Boo Steve Smith

It’s time for a marmite post. You’ll either love this or hate it. Here’s Adam Kiddle on why it’s still ok to boo Steve Smith. Although I personally think the booing has got a tad tedious now, Adam makes some really good points … Firstly, let me set my stall out here. I wouldn’t boo Steve Smith. In fact, I didn’t. I was at Edgbaston Day 3 and—while enjoying the atmosphere as much as anyone else in the Hollies—I saved my voice for cheering wickets and sighing audibly...

Just Your Average Joe?

There’s nothing average about averaging over 50 in test cricket. But does Joe Root’s average tell the whole story? Could the skipper be doing more to help his team? New guest writer Adam Kiddie investigates … Long before Joe Root was named England captain earlier this year, discussion around his “conversion rate” was rife amongst commentators. The Yorkshireman, too, was acutely aware of the fact, going public with his frustration on several occasions. Indeed, for all the...


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