Eng v Pak 2016
From First To Last – ODI Series Preview

Congratulations to Pakistan on becoming the new world No.1 test team. I’m sure it feels all the sweeter because they’ve reached the top at India’s expense. Unfortunately however, Pakistan haven’t been anywhere near as successful in ODIs recently. In fact, they currently languish as low as 9th in the world…

County cricket
Who Needs Money? Northants Do It Again

I really have no idea how they do it. Northants were crowned domestic T20 champions yet again on Saturday, dispatching glamour boys Notts and then Durham, on an emotional day at Edgbaston. It has been hailed as another triumph for team spirit and togetherness over money. Amen to that. Notts really had…

Test Cricket: Just What Modern Life Needs

As I’m currently writing an article about test cricket’s future for a different forum (I’ll let you know when it’s live), this guest submission from Liam Hope really struck a chord. As a relative newcomer to cricket, Liam has an interesting take on things which reaffirms what I’m sure many of us already…

Eng v Pak 2016
Stick Or Twist: Who Should England Drop?

The last wicket has fallen, the last Pimms has been drunk, and the test summer is in the books. How can you tell? Because the weather is still glorious and everyone wants to see England and Pakistan play a decider. Yeah. Good luck with that. Anyway, before the players put on their fetching pyjamas, and…

Eng v Pak 2016
Selectors To Blame For Lack Of Progress

When England were whitewashed in the 2013/14 Ashes, it was the end of a flowery and sweet smelling chapter in English cricket. It had a lovely beginning, a joyous middle, but when the ending eventually went sour it stank to high heaven. Out went Trott (mentally shot), Swann (gave up), Pietersen…

Eng v SL 2016

Dawson Catches The Eye – T20 Report

It makes me smile when there’s a solitary T20 bolted on to the end of tours. The scorecard usually reads ‘only T20’ rather than the ‘1st T20’. And it’s true, yesterday’s game was ‘only’ a T20, however, I suspect there might be broader implications to this one. England’s star bowler yesterday…

Talking Points

Who Is Cricket’s Ali?

No, I don’t mean Moeen Ali. I’m talking about Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all time, who sadly passed away on Saturday morning. Mo might have scored a few runs up at Durham, but he’s got a long way to go before he can be compared to the sportsman…


The Full Toss Meets Devon Malcolm

At one point I didn’t think I’d live to tell this tale. The venue was the Lord’s Academy. The bowler was Devon ‘you guys are history’ Malcolm, and the batsman was, erm, little old me. And to think that I actually volunteered. The occasion was a promotional event for Play…

Best Of TFT

Glorious summer

Some things can not be overhyped. A few events live up to every word of hyperbole. And occasionally our memories do not deceive us – the reality was every bit as good as our recollection. The 2005 Ashes, which began ten years ago this month, were one such passage of time.…

Player Spotlight

Alastair Cook: Better Than Tendulkar Or Worse Than Mark Butcher?

He has just become the first Englishman to score ten thousand test runs, but the affection many English cricket supporters feel for Alastair Cook can’t be measured by statistics alone. He’s a middle-class hero, the embodiment of all that is quintessentially English: tough but unassuming, resilient but always polite, handsome…

World T20 2016

Never Get Your Hopes Up

Three hours to almost win it. One minute to lose it. I’m not sure I can believe what I just saw. What looked like it was going to be a glorious night for English cricket suddenly turned into an all too familiar kick in the crotch. I suppose we should’ve guessed.…


The Gods Of The Game

There’s not a lot going on this morning to be honest. We’re all waiting for today’s T20 to begin. So in the meantime he’s a a bit of light entertainment from Phil Ryan, who seems to have gone all Shakespearean on us … Bat. Check. White floppy sun hat. Check. Don’t…


Michael Clarke and Mitchell Johnson – Hyperbolic Nonsense?

Before we steam headlong into the World T20, we’ve got a change of pace for you. Over the next few weeks guest writer Sam Cox will be asking whether certain cricketers are worthy of a place in cricket’s hall of fame. He kicks things off today with a piece about  Michael Clarke…