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Whoopsadaisy…looks like it totally slipped our minds to give you the answers to our most recent set of quiz questions. For which, many apologies. But what we’ll do is give you one more chance to have a bash – being from a few weeks ago, it has an Ashes theme – and then dish up the answers later this week.

Enter your answers below, or to avoid spoilers, e-mail them to . Good luck!

Here’s our latest edition of the TFT quiz, and on this occasion all on Ashes theme – just to get you in the mood. Enter your answers below, or, to avoid spoilers, e-mail them to . Good luck!

1.  Who was bowled first ball by Ray Bright in England’s second innings at the Lord’s test match in 1981, thus completing one of the most notorious and significant pairs in Ashes history?

2. Name any of Darren Gough’s three victims in his hat-trick at the Sydney test in 1998/99.

3. Which fungal condition – horticultural, not medical – has been associated with Derek Underwood since 1972?

4. The first ever Australia-England test match took place at which venue, in 1877?

5. In the hugely one-sided 1989 Ashes series, England famously fielded a very large number of players during the six tests. How many was it – 19, 24, or 29?

6. Ahead of the 2005 Ashes, what scoreline did Glenn McGrath predict for the series?

7. In 2001, who captained England in the second and third tests, and then retired from cricket after the fifth?

8. Apart from Ricky Ponting in 2006/07, Warwick Armstrong is the only other Australian captain to achieve which specific feat in an Ashes series?

9. Which musical celebrity was present in the England dressing room at the MCG to celebrate victory in the 1986/7 Ashes?
10. Had things turned out differently – what would have been the minimum number of days’ cricket Australia required to regain the urn this summer?

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