I won’t ask you to boot up your phone and laptop cameras, but I wish you could see the beaming smile etched across my face. There’s nothing better than destroying / obliterating / absolutely tanking the Aussies, and to do it in a World Cup semi final is all the sweeter.

England were brilliant today and Australia were woeful. It was the complete opposite of the group game at Lord’s. What a difference three weeks makes.

Now I’m afraid I’m not qualified to discuss the minutiae of today’s game. As bad luck would have it I was unable to watch a single ball. In fact, I’ve been indisposed all week. However, I was following with bated breath on my phone – imagining each wicket, picturing every boundary.

When I eventually managed to turn on the radio at 5.15pm I managed to catch the winning run. My immediate thought was “what a superb atmosphere”.

England love playing at Edgbaston and I love watching England play there. The crowd, who are always absolutely brilliant, are raucous, passionate, and bloody inimitable … especially when we’re playing our canary feathered friends.

England should play the first test of every Ashes series at Edgbaston; just like the Aussies always play the first test at Brisbane. The crowd always give the players a huge lift. It’s a fortress.

Please correct me if I’ve got any of the below incorrect but it sounded to me as though the bowlers won England this game. Archer and Woakes exploited the early movement brilliantly and Rashid and the others kept our metaphorical boot on Australia’s throats throughout. Only Steve Smith was good enough to resist.

When it came to the batsmen they were never really under pressure. The Aussies seamers failed to attract the same movement from the surface that England enjoyed early on, and once Roy and Jonny got motoring the result was never in doubt. It’s always a good idea to chase small totals with a positive mind set. Well done lads.

England now approach the final with all the momentum in the world. Everything has gone their way of late – they’ve won the tosses that were good to win, and today they lost a toss that proved extremely good to lose – and we’ve taken our opportunities brilliantly.

All champion teams have this ruthless streak. What’s more, the fact we’ve finally won a game batting second will send a rush of confidence and swag coursing through the team’s veins.

New Zealand, who have never won a World Cup either, now stand in our way. And I strongly fancy us to beat them. England have been the best and most complete team in the tournament thus far (with the possible exception of India) and we simply don’t have any weaknesses.

Nor do we rely on one or two players too much – although Jason Roy has clearly emerged as our talisman. It sounds like he played superbly again today and has probably played himself into England’s Ashes plans.

Roy and Bairstow to open in the Ashes? It’s a stupid idea but it may well happen. And it may well be the best combination (or least bad combination) we’ve got in the absence of a Cook, Gooch, Atherton, Stewart, Trescothick, or any other test quality opener. Rory Burns can bat 3.

Anyway, I’m probably getting a little delirious now. And the sober me will probably be ashamed of the ‘drunk on canary dunking’ me in the morning. So I’d better leave you now. And I’ll do so with one final thought.

Get the **** in! World Cup final here we come.

James Morgan