Windies Blown Away

windies blown away

It’s a funny old game. You lose one spectacularly; you win one spectacularly. The fortunes of this England team change like the wind. One day we collapse in a heap; the next we make the oppo collapse in a heap. I don’t know about you, but I much prefer it when the latter happens.

I also much prefer the Chris Woakes that turned up today. To take 5-19 in 7.3 overs is pretty handy in anyone’s book. After his struggles against the Aussies, his performance today showed great fortitude.

It was also good to see us make mincemeat of a small total. Moeen batted positively by all accounts and Bell played sensibly. That sounds like a pretty logical template to me. It was also good to see Taylor score a few more runs, albeit in easy circumstances.

So what are you thoughts about today’s comprehensive win? Were England very good, or were the West Indies simply very, very poor? It was probably a bit of both to be honest, but the main thing is that we’re back to winning ways.

James Morgan


  • I think what it tells us, in conjunction with other results over the last few weeks is that Australia, in these conditions are head and shoulders above everybody else. I fully expect them to make the final,and win the World Cup. (Of course anything can happen in a one of game)

    As long as England play well, they can be a match for most other teams on these faster paced pitches. Low slow turning pitches should not be a problem for England in this World Cup. I do think England should get out of the group, and hopefully make a semi final place.

  • “Low slow turning pitches should not be a problem for England in this World Cup.”

    Just to clarify. What I mean is there wont be many low and slow pitches, so England shouldn’t have a problem. It has been their nemis for many years.

  • I agree James, it’s good to see England winning, because, despite the quality of the opposition, it creates a winning mindset and more tangible self belief, rather than the platitudes to the media!
    We have a street fighter for a Captain and we have a puncher’s chance!

  • I know there’s a desire for feeling progess is, after all’ being made, but.. wouldn’t read a thing into England beating a side as weak as WI, pretty much pummelled round SA by a pick-up side.

    Wait ’til England beat Scotland at least before we put out the bunting, surely

  • Good, and necessary win – the Windies are (sadly) a rabble at the moment, unless you catch them on their 1 good day in 5. Once their heads go down they tend to fall apart – the trick is to get those early blows in, and England did that in style

  • I think a bit of perspective needs putting on this. Under Cook, the team was in terminal decline. Morgan’s managed to put a bit of fire in their belly’s and the freedom to express themselves. After four years in the planning, the team was at absolute rock bottom at the end of the Sri Lanka tour. Since then, they haven’t done too badly at all! Sure there’s been a mix of success and failure, but, I would guarantee that if things had carried on as they were under the Downton plan, we’d probably have lost this match as well!
    Happily, I find myself saying “C’mon England” once again, something unthinkable for me when the ECB’s patsy was in command! I have no great expectation for the WC, but I do expect them to perform credibly, and, under the circumstances, couldn’t ask for any more!

  • Sadly the most I read into this game is that the Windies are an utter shambles. They have been poor enough in one day internationals for the last couple of years or so, let alone test matches. Some of their obviously talented players would rather go and whore themselves out to the t20 leagues rather than give something back to their own game.

  • West Indies are discovering that leaving out one of your best players, not on grounds of merit but out of petty-minded vindictiveness, isn’t the path to success.

    Thanks heavens England would never go down that route….

  • I expect the West Indies to be beaten by Ireland in their opening game and not even make the quarter finals. Not sure they are a good yardstick to measure England’s progress.

    • Although the mighty Scotland have just thrashed Ireland by 179 runs in a warm up.

      Ireland going through a tough patch at the moment – not sure they’ll do very well this time round.


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