Cricket Match Predictions Anyone?

Today guest writer Ritam Basu talks about a new site that predicts the outcome of cricket matches. Clever eh? 

As a hardcore cricket tragic, I’ve always wondered where I could find the best cricket predictions for national teams such as England and India plus top leagues like the IPL. Therefore I decided to search the web for unique, accurate cricket match predictions. This is what I found.

Obviously there’s a whole heap of useful cricket information at our fingertips these days. All the biggest outlets in the world report on cricket regularly so it’s easy to discover in-depth information. ESPN for example has tonnes of stats on the world’s No.1 team and all the other contenders.

However, a new name I came across recently was CricTracker. It’s another awesome source of information. Team data is used to create content around all major cricket leagues and competitions. And you’re not just reading somebody’s opinion – you’re reading opinions backed by facts.

The cool thing about this site is that they make predictions for every game. Anybody can make cricket match predictions, of course, but this site backs theirs up with objective data and a history of success using what they call CricketPrediction software.

I hadn’t heard about CricketPrediction until I specifically started researching the best cricket match prediction sites. It’s modern, slick and minimalistic – a far cry from some of the tackier cricket prediction sites which try to force offers on you.

In fact, all of the cricket match predictions at this site are completely free. I didn’t need to dig out my credit card or make any membership commitments. Instead, it was possible to launch straight into the fun stuff i.e. checking out their cricket predictions for the teams I follow.

I’ve found that CricketPrediction doesn’t get it right every time – no system is perfect – but I generally find their predictions fairly accurate and considered. What’s more, all the data is easy to understand. Complex cricket data is translated into something simple.

When you click on the homepage you’ll spot a bunch of the latest games along with what the site calls an ‘AI Super Prediction’. This will give you an outright percentage showing you how likely one team is to win. I have no idea how they do this with teams as unpredictable as Joe Root’s England but they give it a damn good go!

Normally sites don’t like to leave evidence of an inaccurate prediction, so many cricket predictions are half-baked and loaded with caveats. Not here. The chaps at CricketPrediction are confident in their expertise, and make firm predictions on the outcome of each match.

There’s no shortage of stuff to get your teeth into. Click the ‘tips’ dropdown from the top menu and you’ll see options for The Test Championship, IPL, PSL, T20 World Cup and lots more.

CricketPrediction also converts their data into an optimum tip off. For example, if the Multan Sultans have a 58.1% chance of beating Peshawar Zalmi, you can follow a link to place a bet and take advantage.

I’ve used this site several times now and I’ve been pretty surprised how accurate the predictions are. In fact, I’ve started to pose as a cricketing oracle when I’m with mates. I pretend the predictions are my own and wipe the floor with them!

Ritam Basu


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