The quiz

Good news: Ian Bell finally scores his first ever test century an an innings where no other batsman has also reached 100.  Bad news: it’s against Bangladesh.  Meanwhile, as England meander back into the game at Dhaka, we thought a little quiz was in order, if only to raise morale.

E-mail your entry to . Answers will be published on Sunday 28th March. Good luck.

1. Who was the leading wicket-taker for England in the 2000s?

2. Who is the only England spinner ever to take 50 wickets in a calendar year?

3. On three occasions a side has won a test match after following on. Name the only person to have been involved in two of those matches.

4. When Devon Malcolm took 9-57 against South Africa at the Oval in 1994, which other England bowler, playing in his only test match, took 4-42 in the first innings?

5. At which test ground might a six struck over the pavilion land in a pack of Rhinos?

6. Which two nations contested the first ever international cricket match, at St George’s CC in September 1844?

7. Which Surrey player, who later became an England tour manager, began his first class career as a leg-spinner and remains the last English batsman to finish his career with a batting average of over 50?

8. Which former Gloucestershire player, who retired in 2006, was nicknamed ‘Steamy’ by his team-mates?

9. At Barbados in 1978, Australian batsman Graham Yallop was booed by spectators when he became the first player in test history to do what?

10. Which other former Gloucestershire player took 519 test wickets and also holds the record for the most ducks – 43 – in a test career?


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