The Full Toss quiz – winter 2014


Here’s a reminder of the latest edition of the Full Toss quiz.

As ever, either enter your answers below, or to avoid spoilers, e-mail them Good luck!

1. Which significant date do Marcus Trescothick and Alastair Cook have in common?

2. Which of these counties did Chris Lewis not play for? Leicestershire, Surrey, Nottinghamshire, or Hampshire?

3. Which twentieth century UK prime minister had news-wire equipment installed in 10 Downing Street, but used it only to check the cricket scores? He dubbed the apparatus his “cricket machine”.

4. Which former England captain, now an executive for the ECB, described, via Twitter, a recent TFT article as “inaccurate and poorly researched”?

5. Who was the last (ie, most recent) Oxford University graduate to captain England?

6. Who was the last England player, of more than twenty five caps, to retire with a test batting average over 50?

7. According to the Duckworth Lewis Method (the band, not the scoring system), it was  ”jiggery pokery, trickery, jokery. How did he open me up? Robbery, muggery, Aussie skullduggery. I might as well have been holding a contra bassoon”. Who were the two protagonists involved in the famous event thus described?

8. What links Cleator (2013), Reed (2012), and Woodhouses (2011)?

9. A question on the middle names of England stalwarts from the 1980s: what does the ‘I’ in DI Gower stand for? The ‘T’ in IT Botham? And the ‘J’ in AJ Lamb?

10. “As a player he had trouble getting to sleep. As a commentator he struggles to stay awake. His voice remains on one note – the drone of your neighbour’s mower”. So wrote Tim de Lisle in The Independent in 1995. Who was he describing?


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