The Full Toss quiz – answers

Here are the answers to the latest edition of The Full Toss quiz. Thanks for all your entries. How did you get on?

1. Alastair Cook and James Anderson were the pre-eminent batsman and bowler, respectively, in the 2010-11 Ashes. But who was (a) the second-highest run scorer, and (b) second-highest wicket taker, for England? Jonathan Trott is the batsman, with 445 runs to Cook’s 766. The bowler is Chris Tremlett, with 17 wickets to Anderson’s 24.

2. Who banned one of his bowlers from taking early morning jogs, because they caused him to fall asleep at the bar? Ian Botham, when captain of England.

3. No one’s come up with one yet, but if a spinner referred to his ‘chaasra’, what would he mean? The ‘fourth one’. From the Urdu word for ‘four’. Doosra roughly means ‘second one’, and teesra ‘third one’.

4. Complete this sequence: the white, the off-white, the bone, the ivory…and the what? The beige, from Billy ‘The Twelfth Man’ Birmingham’s tribute to Richie Benaud’ s jackets. The sequence begins with ‘cream’.

5. And complete this sequence: West Indies, West Indies, India, Australia, Pakistan…who? The sequence is winners of the 50 over World Cup, and the next nation is Sri Lanka, in 1996.

6. To the nearest fifty runs, what is England’s highest ever total in a test match innings? 903-7 declared, v Australia at the Oval in 1938 – which included Len Hutton’s 364.

7. Which female name would you associate with notable cricket fixtures at Arundel Castle? Lavinia, the Duchess of Norfolk, whose name was given to the side who took on each season’s visiting international team in the once-traditional fixture at Arundel.

8. Which pudding-inspired nickname did Anil Kumble acquire during his county career in England? Apple, or Apples – as in, crumble.

9. Which test batting record is held by Courtney Walsh? The most ducks in test cricket. Walsh made 43; second in the list is Glenn McGrath, with 35.

10. Of the ten methods of dismissal in cricket, which are the only two never to have occurred in a test match? Hitting the ball twice, and timed out. The only batsman to be given out for obstructing the field in test cricket is Len Hutton, against South Africa at The Oval in 1951.


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