The Full Toss quiz

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1. It’s happened four times in first class cricket, but never in a test match or ODI, and most recently claimed the wicket of Nottinghamshire’s Andrew Harris, against Durham UCCE in 2003. What?

2. Who was the first ever cricketer to have their photograph on the cover of Wisden?

3. Which England players, all of recent vintage, named their sons as follows: Ernie; Luca; and Dylan?

4. The nickname of which former Gloucestershire player derived from a Tina Turner song?

5. At which iconic test ground would you find the Wynberg End and the Kelvin Grove End?

6. Four English players have held the world record for highest individual test score. Can you name two of them?

7. When England lost to New Zealand in the fourth test at the Oval in 1999, thereby losing the series, the home side’s tail was described as the worst in English history. The hapless trio of nine, ten and jack managed a total of nine runs between them in two innings. Can you name them?

8. Continuing the Eng v NZ theme…after a lacklustre ODI performance during England’s tour of New Zealand in 2002, whose bowling was memorably described by journalist Martin Johnson as if “his braces had been caught in the sightscreen”?

9. Which county has ‘won’ the county championship wooden spoon – ie, finished bottom – more often than any other?

10. “A single piece of non-stretch material which, although it may have facing material attached, shall have no reinforcements or tucks”. What – specifically – does this clause of the Laws of cricket apply to?


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