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Ashley Giles: From The Bears into the bear pit

This aint like dustin’ crops boy. It hasn’t been the most auspicious start for Ashley Giles. England were thrashed in the first warm up game and beaten soundly by Delhi in the second. Thank heavens we weren’t playing Jaipur and Mumbai too, otherwise things might have got really ugly. It’s all the more embarrassing because England are, if the rather bizarre ICC Championship rankings are to be believed, the best ODI team in the world. Imagine what Delhi might have done to South Africa or...

Just when you thought it was curtains … day two at Trent Bridge

At approximately 4.30 yesterday afternoon, the prospect of India winning this game was weighing heavily on our minds. Defeat seemed inevitable. The tourists were just four wickets down, and their lead had already stretched to forty. Enter Stuart Broad. Goodbye, Yuvraj (we don’t like you very much by the way), Dhoni, Harbhajan (see Yuvraj), and Kumar – the last three dismissed in a memorable hat-trick. No doubt India fans will claim that Broady’s hat-trick was illegitimate, as Harbhajan’s lbw...


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