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Outgunned and outthought – the day we lost our No.1 crown

After a miserable 12 months, is it time for Strauss to say goodbye? It’s time to grit those teeth and utter the words no Englishman wants to hear: ‘well done South Africa, you played the better cricket and deserved to win’. I don’t honestly think we can complain. The XI we selected was found wanting. At least it was an honourable defeat though. The last two test matches have been pretty even affairs – and thanks to Matt Prior, who has looked our best batsman (and was rightly named England’s...

Could Simon Jones play for England again?

It was Sunday afternoon. I’d just had a slap up roast dinner and settled down to watch Sky’s first county match of the new season – the CB40 clash between Hampshire and Warwickshire at the Rose Bowl.  At this point in proceedings I usually put my feet on the coffee table and cheekily ask my Mrs to fetch me a cool one from the fridge. No such luck this time. For some reason she was sitting next to me. The reason? Simon ‘heartthrob’ Jones was back. The man who makes women swoon and husbands...


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