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Magnifique or Sacre Bleu? Prince Philip leads our Euro XI

Following England’s humiliation at the Eurovision Sing Song, we’re quickly becoming a right-wing lot here at TFT HQ (especially that Maxie Allen). Consequently, we do not believe either Britain or Ireland’s long term future lies in the EU. When UKIP and Nigel Farage inevitably win the next general election, Britain’s exit from the EUSSR will shortly follow. This will finally prevent the European Commissar for Cricket from regulating the number of fielders we are allowed on the leg...

It’s about time: Australian cricketer deported

In a move which will delight cricket fans across the country, Mitchell Starc, the least impressive of Australia’s young fast bowlers, was detained at Heathrow today and ultimately sent back to Australia. His Yorkshire debut will have to wait. What was his crime I hear you ask? Although we initially suspected he was up to his eyeballs in a vegemite smuggling ring, these rumours (which were based on nothing other than my own imagination) proved baseless. It was just a visa cock up. None of this...


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