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Swanny tells it like it is

You’ve got to love Graeme Swann. If there’s a spade in the room, the chances of him calling it a shovel are zero. When interviewed about Michael Yardy’s withdrawal from the World Cup yesterday, the world’s premier off-spinner, fans’ favourite, and general good egg, said what all England’s players (and most fans) have been thinking for a long time: “Players can get into pretty dark places on tour … as international cricketers we are frequently away from home for months, often playing...

Yardy down and out

We expected groin strains, broken fingers and side strains, but not this. England announced this morning that Michael Yardy, who has been having a pretty miserable time on the field during the World Cup, is battling depression and has returned home. It’s impossible to feel anything but sympathy for the guy. Being away from home for months, playing high pressure cricket in front of thousands of critical eyes, must surely be the worst environment to battle a mental illness. The question is, did...


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