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Cricketboks Bashed

Well, well, well. Maybe England’s abject showing in the UAE last year wasn’t so abject after all. We might have lost 3-0 but at least the games were relatively tight until the final day. South Africa, on the other hand, have just been absolutely pulverised, destroyed, embarrassed, dismantled (add your own verb here) in the first test – succumbing meekly by seven wickets in a game Misbah’s men dominated from the start. On the face of it, Pakistan’s triumph might seem like a surprise. However, is...

‘That Johan Botha’s a chucker’ …. but is he?

Move along please conspiracy theorists, there’s nothing to see here You knew it was coming, didn’t you. Pakistan fans will know what I mean. Every time a spinner ties England up in knots the predictable old excuses come out: ‘We didn’t lose fair and square, that bloke’s a cheat!’ Or ‘James Kirtley was the best bowler that ever lived, but that Saeed Ajmal is Beelzebub in long sleeves’. If only we had a quid for every time we’ve heard comments like that. The fact of the matter is that Johan...


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