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Are New Zealand better than Australia now?

Before I start, I’d like to make it clear that this is not a joke. It isn’t my intention to poke our rivals in the ribs like Glenn McGrath used to do with his 5-0 series predictions. It’s meant to be a serious discussion (as if you’d expect anything else from that blog that brought you the ten best Ashes jokes from 2011). Over the last twenty five years (or is it one hundred and twenty five?) Australia have been far better than New Zealand at cricket. To claim that the Black Caps are superior...

I believe the phrase rhymes with clucking bell – day three in Dunedin

England 167. New Zealand 402-7 New Zealand scored 271-7 on day three. That’s not particularly good on a pitch that’s flatter than Jessica Alba’s stomach. The problem is it’s a damn sight better than 167 all out. England threw this game away on day one – like they’ve done on their last four overseas tours. Although the bowlers did pretty well yesterday, the damage was already done. This game was up from the moment that England’s established test match batsmen – all of whom have impressive career...


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