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Cricketing Jocks – Scotland’s best cricketers

Despite a small population of only 5.25 million, the skirt-wearing and heavily freckled angries who live north of Hadrian’s Wall have produced many great footballers, three of the best managers in the history of that sport, and some wonderful rugby players. Their contribution to cricket has been modest however. With this in mind the cricketing sophists at TFT HQ have put together the following XI of Scotland’s greatest ever cricketers: Mike Denness – Unusually for a Scotsman, Lanarkshire...

Kevin O’Brien proving a big hit in Gloucestershire

Big Kevin O’Brien has done it again – and we’re beginning to think that England’s humiliating defeat in the World Cup to Ireland wasn’t such a fluke after all. The huge Irishman, whose liking for cow corner is proving rather popular in farmer-land, scored 119 off just 52 balls for Gloucestershire against Middlesex yesterday. His partner in crime was Hamish Marshall, the Kiwi that wants to play for Ireland, who scored 102 off 54 balls in a record partnership. Gloucestershire, who used to...


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