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The Saturday Binge

Looking forward to seeing more of this bloke next summer? Me neither. This blog post would have been called ‘The Sunday Roast’, but it’s a day too early for that. Still, what’s twenty four hours between friends? There’s so much to discuss at the moment: There’s England’s selection dilemma – Jonny Bairstow’s century today has put the cat amongst the pigeons – Pat Cummins latest serious injury, plus The Dark Lord’s appointment as Surrey captain to chew over. We’ll start with Bairstow’s...

Yes we’ve got Swann, but we shouldn’t count our chickens just yet

It’s brilliant we won in Adelaide. The media reaction has been suitably euphoric. In fact, if I was awarded a run for every article I’ve read discussing ‘England’s greatest victories’ in the last fourty eight hours, my batting average might be pushing three figures. But the cricket statisticians have overlooked one important fact. What happened after our last innings victory overseas against a major cricketing nation? We got thumped in the next two tests, that’s what. On the 30th December 2009...


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