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Is there life after cricket?

What next? Imran Khan is trying to change the world; Eddie Hemmings runs a village shop As we’re effectively in limbo at the moment (just waiting for the final test to begin) we thought we’d look at life after cricket. This is something that’s been on my mind lately. I’ve had a wrist injury since January, wasn’t able to play at all this year, and I’m facing an all important MRI scan tonight. It’s possible I’ll never be able to play cricket again – in which case, what am I going to do at...

Tinker, tailor, soldier, cage fighter

From knuckle balls to knuckle sandwiches: apparently Adam Hollioake has a new hobby A couple of weeks ago we speculated that the only careers available to ex cricketers were media gigs or ‘proper jobs’ i.e. mundane office affairs that involve number crunching and clerical chores. Only charismatic supermen like Michael Vaughan and Shane Warne had any other option i.e. advertising Advanced Hair Hats. However, Adam Hollioake has proved otherwise. There’s plenty of opportunities and adventure out...


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