Ryan Harris Retires

Earlier today there were reports of fireworks and excessive summersaulting on an Essex farm. Now we know why. Ryan Harris, who has been a thorn in our side for too bloody long, has decided to hang up his boots.

He just couldn’t get his body right for the Ashes. We weren’t sure if this news was worth a post in itself, so please head over to the Tavern Forum to have your say.

How much does this news boost England’s Ashes hopes? My personal feeling is that Alastair Cook is a lot more likely to score runs now. Harris was the best Australian bowler at pitching it up and pushing the ball across him.

Maybe, just maybe, this news is the fillip that England need.


  • Tried to talk to you on the forum but with no luck. Tapped submit more than once and nothing happened! Finding the typeface on the forum very small. It’s a bit of a struggle.

    Only have my phone available at present so maybe that doesn’t help things.

    Understand that the forum gives space for anyone to raise a topic but I think it would be simpler if all responses to one of your posts were on the main site. Would make it much easier to follow the thread.

    I’m sure this will all work out in time. It’s probably just me struggling with something new. I can be a bit of a dunce!

  • The next thing on the ‘to do’ list is to make the forum text bigger. Apologies it’s still work in progress. I’ve been sorting problems with the mobile version of the site today.

    We didn’t want to have a post about Harris, so that’s why it’s on the forum. This post wasn’t really to discuss Harris, it was to point people in another direction. We did it because not everyone knows we have a forum yet. At least I don’t think so?

  • “Maybe, just maybe, this news is the fillip that England need.”

    Last week, England apparently had no chance. But now one Australian player retires and it’s game on? The pendulum swings quickly round here.

    Bear in mind that Harris probably wouldn’t have played the first two Tests anyway, given Lehmann described him as “short of a gallop”.

    I’ve said all along that I think the series will be closely fought and Harris retiring entrenches that view.

    • An external event giving someone a boost is a lot different to saying England will win. I don’t think anyone said England have no chance. The bookies say a 1 in 4 chance and I agree with that.

    • You’re such a stirrer Tom :-)

      Go back and read the post again. Some might have said England’s cause is hopeless, but not me. I repeatedly quoted the betting odds. Australia are firm favourites, but Harris’s retirement will help England.

      By the way, can we keep this discussion in the forum please.


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