Return of the quiz


Here’s something we’ve not done for a very long time – not since the world was a more innocent and carefree place: our cricket quiz.

The usual protocol applies: enter your answers below (squinting as you scroll down to avoid seeing other people’s). To negate spoilers completely, e-mail your answers instead to

In the event of a tie, the winner will be chosen by Paul Downton after three months of due diligence. First prize is a week’s camping holiday with Kevin Pietersen and Paul Newman.

Double acts

1. Who are the two people in the photo above?

2. And who are these two?


3. Which pair hold the English test record for highest opening partnership (359 versus South Africa in 1948)?

4. Frank, editor of the editor of the Royal Statistical Society’s newsletter, and Tony, a former lecturer in Quantitative Research Methods at Oxford Brookes University, are better known as whom?

5. And how are Neil Hannon and Thomas Walsh better known?

Laws of cricket

6. Len Hutton in test cricket, uniquely. Rameez Raja, Inzamam ul-Haq, Mohinder Armanath and two others, only, in ODIs. What?

7. What’s the maximum permitted length of a bat? (a) 38 inches; (b) 40 inches; (c) 42 inches.

8. What is the penalty or sanction for time-wasting?

9. The longer one measures one and three-eighths of an inch in length. The shorter one is thirteen sixteenths of an inch. What are they?

10. Who ran out Bill Brown during the 1947 Melbourne test?


11. What is the most southerly test cricket ground in the world?

12. And the most westerly?

13. Name this ground:


14. And this one:


15. At which English county grounds would you find: (a) the Ashley Down Road End; (b) the Sea End; (c) the Lumley End?


16. In this famous match, who was England’s wicketkeeper?

17. Which test cricketer retired from international cricket in 2007 with a test record of 3,154 runs at 17.32, with a highest score of 99?

18. What’s the missing word from this remark by Michael Vaughan in 2004? “The achievement we have [blank] is a great achievement.”

19. Who’s the bemused batsman?

20. Apart from Richard Hadlee, who is the only other New Zealander to take more than 300 test wickets?

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