Punter’s tantrums, chapter 812

Smashing up TV sets is normally the domain of rock stars, not Tasmanian cricketers – but yesterday Ricky Ponting came over all Led Zeppelin after his dismissal against Zimbabwe.

As The Guardian report: “A furious Ricky Ponting took out his frustration at being run out in Australia’s opening World Cup match by smashing a television set with his bat in the team’s dressing room.

“The incident during the Group A win over Zimbabwe was reported to the sport’s governing body but an International Cricket Council source said on Tuesday “it was unlikely the matter would be taken any further”.

“Ponting was found short of his crease at the non-striker’s end by a direct throw from the midwicket boundary by Chris Mpofu while attempting a second run. The Australia captain was seen talking angrily to himself as he walked back to the pavilion and it appears his emotions spilled over once he was back in the dressing room, where he saw footage of his dismissal being replayed on TV.”

How extraordinarily out of character. Ahem. But to celebrate Punter’s latest antics, we’d like to hear your examples of fits of pique on the cricket field, or in the dressing room.  Have you reacted so badly to losing your wicket that you made a total nit of yourself afterwards? Or you’ve witnessed a team-mate of opponent doing so? What have you broken, who did you upset, and what mischief did you cause? Your stories, please…


  • On cricket tour, we played in a Sunday friendly in Somerset (Stogumber, I think) when an opener was given out lbw. As he walked off feeling very disgruntled drinks were being carried onto the field. As they passed and in a fit of pique the dismissed opener hit the tray of drinks upwards with his bat. Unfortunately the drinks were in glasses (not plastic cups) and as they flew upwards and then returned to earth one of the glasses landed on the batsmans head and shattered. Result – much laughter (probably too much) and three stitches for the even more disgruntled batsman. Priceless…

  • In one game I seem to recall being bowled by a full toss that passed me chest-high, looking incredulously at the square-leg umpire when it wasn’t called a no-ball, and walking back to the pavilion in a fury shouting “f***ing cheats” at anyone who cared to listen. Not sure we’ve played that particular opposition since.


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