No Butts – Banned Pakistan cricketers should not be allowed to work on TV

Less than ten days ago, Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif were banned from cricket for five years. Everybody knows that. But what you may not know is that less than a week later, Pakistan’s disgraced former captain has been signed up by a Pakistani TV company to offer insights during the World Cup.

The TV company in question is Pakistan’s Channel Five network. What on earth are they thinking? I know that Butt might be able to provide information that other pundits can’t – like when noballs are going to be bowled in advance – but surely even television executives know that the decision to employ a disgraced cricketer, just a few months after his indiscretion, is wrong.

A ban from cricket should mean a ban from cricket. Why should Butt be able to make money from the game he has done so much to damage? He obviously has no shame. Instead of showing his face on TV and profiting from his absence from the Pakistan team, he should be seeking redemption and building bridges.

Forgive us, but this news is going down about as well as a dodgy vindaloo at the Full Toss. It sends out completely the wrong message. Please tell us you agree …

James Morgan


  • What can you say? Perhaps Pakistan has a totally different culture from England and being found guilty of being a cheat is no disgrace there? Or perhaps the TV channels & Mr Butt are totally out of touch with what the Pakistani people think is appropriate?

    Sadly my initial reaction to seeing that Butt had a TV contract wasn’t even one of anger or disappointment – it just simply reinforced my view that there are some really f*cked up people involved in Pakistani cricket .

    Anyway – perhaps we shouldn’t get on our high horses too quickly – Sky TV’s Gray & (can’t remember his name) have now got jobs on Talk Sport Radio – I know that they are not in the same league as Butt when it comes to being a w*nker but, come on, why have they been hired? What message does it send? It is not as if the world is short of sports commentators and how have they cleaned up their act?

    • Nick, it is my understanding that TalkSport also has a promotional deal with Sky. Bit off topic, but I get your point.

      I wonder if this will spark a debate on whether sexism or spotfixing is worse. May I be the first to advocate life bans for those who make sexist remarks (just kidding!)


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