Need a new bat for the summer?

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If you’re looking for a way to make yourself feel better after the weekend’s loss to New Zealand, why not do a good deed? There’s nothing like a selfless act of charity to make oneself feel good – especially when you get to buy a shiny new piece of equipment for your cricket bag as part of the bargain.

Normally, buying a cricket bat is a bit of a ritual: you have to identify a good weight, test the pick-up, decide whether you can bear it’s ridiculous brand name (Newberry Uzi anyone?), and then decide (a) which of the naff stickers you’re going to take off, and (b) whether you can be bothered to knock the bloody thing in.

However, thanks to the non-for-profit organisation Bat4Africa such chores are a thing of the past. They’ve released a new limited edition bat to raise funds for Street Child Africa, a charity which helps to support kids growing up in the street – supporting and supplying things like shoes and school bags.

The bat has a colourful design which reflects African culture (but it’s subtle enough – see above) and rather than turning you into a walking advert for GM or Kookaburra, you’ll be publicising a great cause.

It’s a top quality product too: it’s made from grade one English willow and has been pressed to provide a balance between durability and performance – so unlike some bats, it won’t go like a rocket initially but then disintegrate after half a season.

The bat is available to buy until June 31st. It’s retailing at £250 – with £80 of that set aside to improve the lives of children in poverty-stricken regions.

If you’re interested – and if you’re looking for a new bat you should definitely check it out – visit And if you’d like to know more about the great work being done by Street Child Africa, simply visit . Thanks.

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