The League of Outstanding Gentlemen of the Yellow Ball is a two-month private soccer championship featuring old celebrities. Far from everyone knows that it is not an ordinary championship but a cricket league with a billion dollars turnover. Inspired by the North American model, India is actively developing a highly profitable sports market, with cricket acting as a kind of sports.

India is the second most populated country in the world and the undisputed leader in some areas, such as computer science. Although it can serve as an example in many ways, it still cannot manage to cope with the lag in certain areas. For example, India hardly holds a prominent place in world sports: in the entire history of the Olympic Games, it has only one gold medal in its individual classification. However, a few years ago, everything began to change. To find some reviews of different types of gambling all over the world just こちら (which means click here). Along with other interesting sports betting options on the NativeCasinos website you will be pleased to try something new. The platform contains a lot of useful information for gambling enthusiasts. If you cannot find a casino or do not know how to play a particular casino game, you will find all the answers on NativeCasinos.

Cricket in India

First of all, we need to say a few words about cricket. It was first brought by English colonists in the 18th century, and today, it occupies a central place in the press and the life of the local population. This sport, mostly unknown in France, makes the hearts of all Indians tremble. After winning the World Cup in 1983, cricket became a real business in India. And since the number of potential consumers is approaching a billion, this could not leave a number of large companies indifferent to it. So in 2008, the national championship was completely rebuilt in order to rekindle the interest of the audience and fulfill several economic and commercial tasks.

Money, Celebrities and Circuses

The new championship was created on the initiative of the Vice President of the Supervisory Board of Cricket of India Lalita Modi and quickly made a turn towards entertainment. The Indian Premier League is based on a simplified form of the game and an innovative system. The maximum meeting time was limited to three hours, which is much better for a television broadcast format. As a result, the new league quickly managed to attract the attention of television channels.

In 2008, the first eight league clubs were acquired by local companies as well as Indian movie celebrities. For example, Reliance Industries Oil Corporation got the Mumbai Indian bombing team for $111.9 million, which is a record for its time. The sale of eight teams brought the organizers a total of $723.59 million.

Six years have passed since then, and today the Premier League is considered the greatest achievement of Indian sports. Competitions last only seven weeks a year (for the most part matches take place in April), in connection with which the Indian organization ranks second in the world in terms of weekly wages after the American NBA. In 2013, the most famous sportsman of Chennai Super Kings Mahendra Singh Dhoni took the 16th place in the list of the highest-paid athletes with annual earnings of $3.5 million and big advertising contracts with companies such as Pepsi and Sony.×9&w=1200&$p$f$w=4214d0d

Profit from Cricket

The formed system of private leagues allows the owners of sports clubs to follow the path of maximizing income like real businessmen. As in the United States, auction and drafting systems at the beginning of the season keep the balance in the competition and thereby warm the audience’s interest.

Although the desire to earn money plays an indisputable role in all this, it does not negate the long-term benefits for the country in terms of sports because clubs will develop and they will have to invest in training athletes and infrastructure. Considering that India already has some excellent stadiums (for example, the Salt Lake Stadium in Calcutta for 120 thousand spectators), it definitely has a great sports future.

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