FanPicks: the best Fantasy Sports software for DFS play on the net

It’s always irked me that I’m useless at fantasy cricket games. I played cricket to a relatively high standard in my youth, and have watched thousands of hours of professional cricket, yet all my experience does me no good whatsoever. I always lose to a good friend of mine, who doesn’t know much about cricket, but knows a hell of a lot about winning fantasy games. It’s exasperating.

Here’s my problem. I always pick my favourite players rather than guys who specialise in picking up fantasy points. I’m an absolute sucker for specialist batsmen like Vikram Solanki, who look stylish but don’t always produce the goods. Instead I should pick bits and pieces all-rounders like Jim Allenby, who always seems to score a few runs or pick up a few wickets. Note to self: style counts for little in fantasy games, it’s production that counts!

With this in mind, I’ve vowed to transform my fantasy cricket fortunes. I’m going to do it by playing as many fantasy games as possible – not just in cricket, but in NFL and the other American sports I like too. My plan is to develop a system, which I’ll perfect over time, and then apply this new methodology to fantasy cricket. Only then, will I be able to beat my aforementioned friend who defeats me with morale crushing regularity.

The site I’ve found to hone my skills is Fan Picks. It’s the best Fantasy Sports site I’ve found. It lets you challenge friends and rivals in daily fantasy contests, and best of all you can win cash prizes as well as those all important bragging rights.

The way it works is this: you register, put down a deposit, and then invite your friends to play a game. You can set the entry fee at $1 or as much as $100 dollars. The winner of the daily fantasy game walks away with the not unsubstantial prize pot at the end.

I enjoy these daily leagues the best. You meet your mates in the pub at lunchtime, pick your rosters, watch all the sporting action, and see who does best. The Fan Picks website tracks your team’s scoring and updates automatically in real time. There are a number of pre-existing competitions to join and you can win big cash prizes.

Because there are daily tournaments, you get the chance to learn as you go along. There’s definitely a blueprint to success – it’s not just potluck. It’s all about utilising your sporting knowledge and perfecting your fantasy games strategy. Once you’ve got that sorted, all that time sitting on the sofa, or spending Saturday afternoons in the pub, starts to pay off.

It’s nice to find a sports site where stats and data can finally be put to good use. I’m sure Peter ‘computer says’ Moores is a big fan.

James Morgan

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