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Check one chew, check one chew. It’s one of Richie Benaud’s favourite sayings. It’s also the name of a new website that’s raising awareness for testicular cancer.

We might have gone for something like in honour of the Twelfth Man’s ‘the ball’s gone to Sleep already’ gag, but does the job equally well (probably better in fact).

Check One Two have been in touch and asked us to help spread the word. Here’s their message – complete with a few predictable but funny (if you’re juvenile like me) ball puns.

We have a new, entertaining social movement which has just launched at and we want you to join! The cause we’re championing? Testicles.

If you catch testicular cancer early, it’s 100% curable, yet loads of young men are needlessly losing their lives to it. So how do we stop this? It’s simple – by #feelingnuts!

We are the first ever Socialthon that empowers you to feel nuts and spread awareness in order to change the behaviour of an entire generation of men.

This is a cause that doesn’t count donations of money, but instead counts views, retweets, shares, regrams, likes, and revines containing the hashtag #feelingnuts. 

By the widespread sharing of free information to check your testicles regularly (doing so in pant-dropping, ball-grabbing way) that will break down the taboo, and stop these unnecessary deaths. 

This is where you come in. Just by sharing or creating content with the hashtag #feelingnuts, you could save lives.”

So there you go guys. Get tweeting. And if you’re a bloke, get rummaging. There’s never a bad time to check one’s testicles: in a restaurant, on a date, halfway through a job interview, or maybe even in the privacy of your own home. Even better, get your other half to do it for you (if you’re feeling lucky).

Check One Two have compiled some useful information to help you (what to look out for etc) which you’ll find here. It’s well worth watching. It really might save your life.

They’ve also put together this funny video which includes some of the UK’s best loved comedians …. and Jade Dernbach. As you’ll see they’ve all got their favourite names for their crown jewels. My personal favourite was ‘spunk bunkers’.

Apologies for the bad language by the way. But least nobody used the ‘C word’ (ahem).

Please retweet this or share it on Facebook. It’s a great cause. Thanks.

James Morgan

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