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Eng V Bang 2016

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Yesterday’s batting collapse, like our performance in most of the second test, was utterly abysmal. Perhaps vomiting is the best response? The only highlight for England was Ben Duckett who played the ultimate ‘screw this I’m going to have a hit’ innings.…

Eng V Bang 2016
Tension – Day 2 in Dhaka

We’re only two tests into England’s winter odyssey and I’m already in danger of repeating myself too much. Our batsmen can’t play spin well enough and our bowlers can’t bowl it well enough either. It’s a bit of a problem considering that all we’re going to see in the next…

Eng V Bang 2016
Mo Succeeds, Top Order Fails – Day 1 at Dhaka

At 11am this morning I thought England were having a great day. Bangladesh had collapsed from 171-1 to a dismal 220 all out and we had all the momentum. I was an idiot to think the game was in the bag. I’ve watched England enough over the years to know that disaster…

Eng V Bang 2016
Ansari In, The Best Spinner Out?

I guess incredulity is part and parcel of being an England fan. Just when you think our management might be sane and rational people after all they do something daft again. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Or so the overused cliche goes. First of all, let…

Eng V Bang 2016
England Get Lucky – Days 4 & 5 in Chittagong

I have to confess that I didn’t think the hosts would get anywhere near 286 when the chase began. Fourth innings runs are hard. Really hard. So the fact they got within 22 runs was a fantastic effort. Well played Bangladesh. I also think the Bangladeshis can consider themselves a…

Eng V Bang 2016
Stokes Seizes the Day – Day 3 at Chittagong

When a weaker test nation plays a stronger one, they’re often competitive for a couple of days. But when defensive push comes to leg side shovel, a bad session usually buries them. We saw it all the time with England in the nineties. The team does just enough to get…

Eng V Bang 2016
Nervous? Day 2 at Chittagong

So what do we all think? I guess Bangladesh are slightly ahead – although it remains to be seen whether their tail will wag. Either way this game is very much in the balance. Bangladesh have proved they’re no pushovers in home conditions. I imagine that Cook and Bayliss’ bums…

Eng V Bang 2016
Is Your Head Spinning? Day One at Chittagong

What a fascinating, but somewhat bizarre, day of test cricket. I always expect the unexpected when England are concerned, but England’s odd team selection and illogical batting order left me totally perplexed. Throw in a pitch that spun from ball one, the fact that 92 overs were bowled during the day (usually…

Eng V Bang 2016
Bangladesh Test Series Preview: A Glorified Net?

I’ll come clean. I follow cricket closely – I’ve been writing this blog since 2009 – but even I don’t have a clue what to expect from the hosts in this week’s first test. Although we’ve seen them up close in the ODIs (and they looked very competitive), the limited…

Eng V Bang 2016
Top Billings: England Win The Series

Some people might sneer, and claim that beating Bangladesh is no big deal, but the statistics say otherwise. The hosts had lost just 3 of their last 20 ODIs at home, and had recently enjoyed series wins over New Zealand, Pakistan and South Africa. That’s the South Africa who have…

Eng V Bang 2016
A Spicy Finale Ahead

Two games, two different winners, two players fined, and a final that’s too close to call. I’ve really enjoyed the ODI series in Bangladesh thus far. It’s a good contest between two competitive teams and I have absolutely no idea who will win the decider. The first game was hugely…

Eng V Bang 2016
Can England Tough It Out in Bangladesh?

It’s time to don those bulletproof vests and brave that ring of steel. England start their ODI series against Bangladesh today at Dhaka and it could prove a rather interesting series. The Bangladeshis are no longer the whipping boys of international cricket, at least not in the one-day arena, and England…

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