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Champions Trophy 2017
Champions Trophy Preview – Sri Lanka

The Champions Trophy starts in a couple of weeks and people are already tipping England, India, Australia and South Africa to win. But what about Sri Lanka? Because they’ve lost so many great players in recent years they’re flying under the radar somewhat. This isn’t entirely surprising because so many of their…

Champions Trophy 2017
Jonny Proves A Point

“Thanks for coming Jonny. Maybe we’ll give you a ring if we’re one short next month”. You’ve got to feel sorry for Jonny Bairstow. He’s the third best batsman in the country (after Root and Cook), he had a record breaking 2016 as England’s test batsman-keeper, he averages a healthy…

Champions Trophy 2017
BCCI Should Grow Up

I have a baby daughter who’s one and a half years old. We love her dearly but she’s a right pain in the bum when she doesn’t get her way. She screams, shouts, pouts like Posh Spice, and occasionally spits her dummy out and throws it across the room. It’s not…

Champions Trophy 2017
As You Were – England’s Champions Trophy Squad

Continuity is nice. It’s like a reassuring hug. It might be boring – and it gives the blogosphere sod all to talk about – but it shows that most things in the garden are rosy and optimism is starting to bloom. England’s champions trophy squad is one such example. The selectors…

Champions Trophy 2017
Candy. Baby.

When England win an ODI by the ridiculously emphatic margin of 186 runs, I guess we should all be happy. Back in the 1980s our batsmen rarely scored 186 across two innings of a test match against the Windies …. well, maybe we weren’t quite that bad, but you get my point.…

Champions Trophy 2017
Calm Heads Avert Setback

Keep cool, man. I quite enjoy watching cricket from the Caribbean. It’s not quite what it used to be, when the stadiums were close to city centres, and Gravy was dancing in the stands, but it still makes a nice change. There are usually quite a few cool cats in the…