29 10, 2015

The Real Challenge this Winter

2015-10-29T18:31:21+00:00October 29th, 2015|Being an England supporter|0 Comments

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPrObwmqY00 For English cricket, an Ashes tour down-under conjures up all kinds of images and emotions: there’s the abuse we get from Aussie fans sitting in Sydney’s infamous Bay 13, there’s painful memories of our batsmen having their heads knocked off at Perth, and who can forget the intimidating atmosphere on [...]

13 10, 2014

Viewpoints: affection and support

2015-10-29T18:26:13+00:00October 13th, 2014|Being an England supporter|38 Comments

Here at TFT we're always keen to give people a voice, and we welcome contributions of all kinds from our readers and commenters. We're grateful to Owen Benton for this thought-provoking piece. **************** Can you support a team without liking them? I grew up in what I now I think of as [...]

3 02, 2014

The next England coach

2015-10-29T18:22:08+00:00February 3rd, 2014|Being an England supporter, ECB, News|6 Comments

  So who's in the running to replace Andy Flower as England team director? Here's The Full Toss guide to the names in the frame... Ashley Yesman Highly regarded at the ECB ever since he coached Derbyshire to a spectacular fourth place Division Two finish in the 2009 county championship, Yesman is [...]

28 09, 2013

Suncream and Baggy Greens

2013-09-28T08:48:27+00:00September 28th, 2013|Being an England supporter|3 Comments

When Tristan Haddow-Allen reluctantly moved to Australia, he took the opportunity to live his childhood dream of playing Sydney club cricket. In the first of a new series, he discovers not everything was quite as he expected ************************** “You must be the new bloke. We’ll call you Pom”. November, 2012 Such was [...]

7 11, 2012

Big mouth strikes again

2012-11-07T16:51:31+00:00November 7th, 2012|Being an England supporter|4 Comments

If we weren't doomed before ... Swanny says he expects England to 'dominate' India's spinners Graeme Swann is one of our favourite cricketers. We love him to death here at TFT. But sometimes, just sometimes, he’s a bit like that embarrassing girlfriend you used to have - you know, the quirky one [...]

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